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Millions turn up in Baghdad to listen to Shia cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr demands to end corruption


Basra governor: the withdrawal of weapons from the clans outlaw


Since 02/26/2016 14:27 pm (Baghdad time)

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Basra’s governor revealed Majed Nasraoui, on Friday, for issuing a decision to withdraw weapons from the clans outlaw.

He said Nasraoui’s / balances News / “it was issued a decision to withdraw all kinds of light and heavy weapons from the clans outlaw.”

He added, “This step will start from the next few days.”

Referred to the province of Basra witnessed during the previous period , a series of armed clashes between clans because of thedifferences between them, which caused the deaths of some of the people from both sides ended with 29/42 g


Reform: most of the ministers are not fit to manage the “kindergarten”



Since 02/26/2016 11:07 pm (Baghdad time)

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Accused the head of the reform bloc Hilal Sahlani, Friday, most of the political blocs that they “will not allow” the government to pass reforms and changes are made “substantial”, in what was seen that most of the ministers who successively over the past decade are not fit for the management of kindergartens.

He Sahlani in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, “the mass support to make any repairs or changes in ministerial cabin, which intends to Prime Minister made a condition that is a radical change, and includes all the ministers, without exception, even if it included the change Minister mass,” noting that “most of the political blocs launches slogans in public support and upheld the ministerial change, but in reality will not let pass these reforms and will use all its potential to disrupt the ministerial change the fact that it will not be in their best interest.”

He Sahlani, the “bow to the will of the political blocs and request support it or support means any repairs or make fundamental changes in advance failure”, calling on all the political to “make some concessions, even for once to prove their patriotism.”

He said Sahlani, that “most of the ministers who successively over the past decade did not mend for the management of kindergartens, how they manage the sovereign ministries or non-sovereign” .anthy 29/42 g

Sadr warned: today and tomorrow outside the green walls where people will be [extended]

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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

warned the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr broke into the Green Zone, said : “Today we are on the green walls, and tomorrow it will be the people to regain their rights of corrupt and evil – doers.”

He said during his speech demonstrations Tahrir Square, which was launched today, attended by all of Iraq news [where] that ” the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, today at stake, especially after the people were roused, and still Mentvdha, and it remains Mentvdha.” 

He noted that “after the voice and reference voice home and abroad, who support reform and enabled Abadi of reforms, but dawdle, and today is a binding reform, even radical reform does not Prosthetic. ” 

he continued chest that” the government has left people struggling with death and fear, hunger, unemployment and occupation, and the crisis of security and economic stranglehold, and services poor and crisis great political. ” 

said the cleric, his innocence of all the corrupt, even if it was close to him, adding that” no one from the government members do not represent me at all, but is representing himself, and that sympathy for us or belonged to us, but that it should boycott the corrupt and disclose corruption and Sergathm, Vkvahm theft and corruption, and for each offense and proceeded to the mind and the foundations of democracy.