US forces adopt two new bases in Anbar



Khandan – American troops began to build two new military bases in Anbar province, in the framework of preparing to release it from the control of the organization “Daash” terrorist and reconstruction.

The news channel (RT) Russian officer in the Anbar Operations Command as saying that the US troops, in addition to its military bases in Habbaniyah and eye-Assad, began to create a rule in the blush area northeast of Fallujah, also started the construction of a military base near the gaseous Akkas located near Iraqi border Syrian.

The officer added that the next phase emphasizes the increasing military presence in Anbar, which began to rise up against the “Daash” and get rid of it.

He noted that US commanders confirmed in more than a meeting of Iraqi leaders in the recent period that the US military strategy refers to the increasing presence in Anbar, which will be the area is safe contrary to what it was during the past 13 years.

Iraqi troops and tribesmen locked in fierce battles against al “Daash” terror in different parts of Anbar province, especially in Fallujah and Hit After completing the liberation of the city of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province.

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