Iraq looking with the World Bank stages of implementation of the social protection system


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[Where – Baghdad]
discuss Iraq with the World Bank stages of implementation of the social protection system.
A statement by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Labour Minister Mohammed Shia ‘Al Sudani met with a delegation from the World Bank, headed by a large social protection programs officer at Bank Ghassan Khoja said the Minister of Labour during the meeting that the World Bank and clear positions through its support continuous technical Iraq that contributed to the development of an integrated social protection of the country’s system, a goal the ministry core at the current stage. ”
he said the Sudanese” the ministry has made ​​great strides in the delivery of social protection project and was able to organize programs to SSN according to scientific systems contribute to the inclusion of individuals and poor families this system. ”
He explained that” the ministry is still working on providing social security for all employees in the public, private and unorganized sectors and seeks to establish a social security system to achieve equity and financial sustainability to support and activate particular the private sector in the light of the economic circumstances in the country. ”
He also discussed the minister with the World Bank representatives, the statement said the issue of merging funds social security and public pension and discussed during the workshop yesterday, attended by social workers and a representative of the World Bank partners, pointing out that “the Bank expressed his remarks about some of the points that have been raised in the workshop and will take the ministry remarks in accordance with the agreed road map in advance. ”
the Minister of Labour” the meeting also included a discussion of how to develop the capabilities of social workers through training courses World Bank expressed its readiness to organize them were selected 80 researchers to be brought into the basic course for social protection systems and how to handle and deal with poor families in registering, adding that “the World Bank will set up a training cadre of researchers in order to benefit from their expertise in the development of other researchers skills.”
He continued, “the Ministry and through joint cooperation with the Ministry of planning will end soon prepare your poor and marginalized with families that the national register It scanned the ground by the social research teams affiliated to the ministry where this record is based on a survey or census by the State. “


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