Citizen: Stay tuned for the sacking of those responsible for the financial system



Since 02.23.2016 at 12:26 (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

It revealed the citizen block, on Tuesday, up close and dismiss accounting based on the financial system in Iraq, including the central bank governor and the head of the Financial Inspection Office and other persons involved financial file.

The MP said the bloc’s citizens Habib Terminal / balances News /, “The banking and financial system in Iraq flabby and all those who support it corrupt and non-specialists,” adding that “need to be a radical change and put people replacements for existing.”

He said the terminal, that “based on the financial system, starting from the central bank governor and the head of the Financial Inspection Office and Deputy Minister of Finance and all those who attended the secret meeting in the House of Representatives to discuss ml currency smuggling did not provide convincing answers to the Council on the subject,” adding, “They are not able to deal with the sensitivity of the current situation in which the country is going through. ”

He stressed that “to hosting these proved that all of them do not have the experience and Alderbh in their field,” adding that “all their answers on the subject of currency smuggling were not convincing.”

He pointed out that “the future meetings of the parliament will be dismissed from office and held accountable for the failure in the financial management of the situation,” stressing the need to “set their replacements of” technocrats “and they have experience in the financial field.”

The parliamentary session was witnessed on Monday to host the Governor of the Central Bank and a representative of the Intelligence Service and the Office of Financial Supervision and Deputy Minister of Finance for discussion on money smuggled out of Iraq.

By: Ahmed Zmim


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