Security and local sources: stop clashes between clans and Daash in Fallujah


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[Wayne – Follow-up]
announced security sources and local all-stop clashes between tribesmen in the town of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, militants and terrorist gangs Daash following the arrest of dozens of its citizens of the city.
A lieutenant colonel in the army, told AFP, “The fighting stopped between the sons of the tribes in Fallujah and gunmen Daash because of the organization arrested more than 110 people of the city, adding that the sons of the tribes in the neighborhoods still the Golan and al-Askari, retreated in the clashes, fearing for the fate of the detainees.” .
for his part, Mayor of Fallujah Isa Sayer, that “the clashes stopped for fear of execution of detainees,” and expressed concern, saying “we expect the Daash executions for the people of the city under the pretext of cooperation with the security forces.”
in turn, assured see Barakat, a member of the security committee in the provincial council Anbar “confrontations and dropped the sons of the tribes of Fallujah in clashes against Daash stopped due to arrests,” he said. “We are afraid now of the massacre has committed to organize Daash in the city.”
he also said Majid Jerisa, a clan elders Jerisat in Fallujah, the extremist organization was implemented during the past two days a campaign of arrests affected dozens, mostly aged between 15 and 35 years. ”
the clashes broke out on Friday February 19 between members of several tribes city actually Heights neighborhood in northwest Fallujah inspired bout in the midst of military inspired, in the east.
imposes Iraqi forces the support of the popular crowd and fighters from the tribes of Anbar, a siege on Fallujah, which is still tens of thousands of civilians inside.

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