Parliament is debating tomorrow smuggled Iraqi funds and ask the Minister of Trade


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[Oan- Baghdad]
will hold the House of Representatives, on Monday its regular discuss the Iraqi funds contraband.
It includes tomorrow’s meeting agenda “vote on the draft ratification of the cooperation agreement between the Government of Iraq and the government of Iran in the field of plant protection agricultural quarantine law, and vote on the draft law amending the Civil Procedure Act No. 83 of 1969”.
It also includes “The first reading of the draft Iraq’s accession Law to grain agreement of 1995 “.
will discuss the parliament according to the statement,” the subject of Iraqi funds smuggling and reports of the relevant committees on the subject, and directing a verbal question to the Minister of trade and agency [Mohammed Shia ‘Al Sudani, from a member of the Committee on economy and investment parliamentary Najiba Najib. ”
The House of Representatives, the form during its meeting on 9 February, a parliamentary committee to see money diverted from Iraq, while the announced legal committee – one of the author to prosecute Iraqi smuggled money – committees it would issue a decision obliging the government to investigate the accounts and balances that hover around the doubts and suspicions.
According to a parliamentary source, that the House of Representatives It will vote at its Monday, the code of parliamentary behavior which includes sanctions for MPs who are absent.
It is said that parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said during a parliament session Thursday February 18 th, “we will announce clearly about the absences of Representatives may see the current chapter to withdraw membership of the House of Representatives in the event of absences exceeded the allowable limit. ”


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