Security and local sources: stop clashes between clans and Daash in Fallujah


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[Wayne – Follow-up]
announced security sources and local all-stop clashes between tribesmen in the town of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, militants and terrorist gangs Daash following the arrest of dozens of its citizens of the city.
A lieutenant colonel in the army, told AFP, “The fighting stopped between the sons of the tribes in Fallujah and gunmen Daash because of the organization arrested more than 110 people of the city, adding that the sons of the tribes in the neighborhoods still the Golan and al-Askari, retreated in the clashes, fearing for the fate of the detainees.” .
for his part, Mayor of Fallujah Isa Sayer, that “the clashes stopped for fear of execution of detainees,” and expressed concern, saying “we expect the Daash executions for the people of the city under the pretext of cooperation with the security forces.”
in turn, assured see Barakat, a member of the security committee in the provincial council Anbar “confrontations and dropped the sons of the tribes of Fallujah in clashes against Daash stopped due to arrests,” he said. “We are afraid now of the massacre has committed to organize Daash in the city.”
he also said Majid Jerisa, a clan elders Jerisat in Fallujah, the extremist organization was implemented during the past two days a campaign of arrests affected dozens, mostly aged between 15 and 35 years. ”
the clashes broke out on Friday February 19 between members of several tribes city actually Heights neighborhood in northwest Fallujah inspired bout in the midst of military inspired, in the east.
imposes Iraqi forces the support of the popular crowd and fighters from the tribes of Anbar, a siege on Fallujah, which is still tens of thousands of civilians inside.

Parliament is debating tomorrow smuggled Iraqi funds and ask the Minister of Trade


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[Oan- Baghdad]
will hold the House of Representatives, on Monday its regular discuss the Iraqi funds contraband.
It includes tomorrow’s meeting agenda “vote on the draft ratification of the cooperation agreement between the Government of Iraq and the government of Iran in the field of plant protection agricultural quarantine law, and vote on the draft law amending the Civil Procedure Act No. 83 of 1969”.
It also includes “The first reading of the draft Iraq’s accession Law to grain agreement of 1995 “.
will discuss the parliament according to the statement,” the subject of Iraqi funds smuggling and reports of the relevant committees on the subject, and directing a verbal question to the Minister of trade and agency [Mohammed Shia ‘Al Sudani, from a member of the Committee on economy and investment parliamentary Najiba Najib. ”
The House of Representatives, the form during its meeting on 9 February, a parliamentary committee to see money diverted from Iraq, while the announced legal committee – one of the author to prosecute Iraqi smuggled money – committees it would issue a decision obliging the government to investigate the accounts and balances that hover around the doubts and suspicions.
According to a parliamentary source, that the House of Representatives It will vote at its Monday, the code of parliamentary behavior which includes sanctions for MPs who are absent.
It is said that parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said during a parliament session Thursday February 18 th, “we will announce clearly about the absences of Representatives may see the current chapter to withdraw membership of the House of Representatives in the event of absences exceeded the allowable limit. ”


The province declare that the application of the customs tariff and Baghdad put detachments on its borders


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[Oan- Baghdad]
involved in the Kurdistan region authorities acknowledged not to apply the law of customs tariff of imported goods and Dakhla each to the central and southern provinces.
He attributed the Deputy Director General of Customs province, Abdul-Qader Abdullah in a press statement, the reason for non-application of tariff law to “taking into account the financial crisis, and the lack of salaries of the staff, and the lack of money the traders, because the tariff law of the Iraqi Asthsal more money from the merchants.”
he revealed, “put the federal government about a week ago, detachments Kmarkip, in the border between the Kurdistan region and the provinces of the center, and the taking and obtaining sums customs on commercial goods entering Iraq from the region, due to the non-application of the KRG tariff customs.”
Abdullah said, “the action of the Federal government of this, met with resentment from the merchants, because of the imposition of customs on them.”
the House of Representatives approved in its meeting held on 11 of last August, on the first package of governmental and parliamentary reforms included addressing tax evasion, both in terms of income tax and expand tax base, and the application of customs tariff fair at all border crossings, and including Kurdistan outlets.
the cabinet voted during the emergency meeting, on 9 of last August, on the application of the customs tariff on all border crossing points.
a source in the prime minister, for where ], that “the Council voted on the application of the customs tariff fair at all border crossings, and including Kurdistan, and the use of international companies discreet in this area to prevent corruption and promote national product, and to prevent flooding the Iraqi market.”

Parliament plans tomorrow to issue sanctions on its members absent


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} board decided Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Sunday, the vote on the Code of Conduct {} included issuing penalties for council members on Monday.
According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} Today, that “the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives held on Sunday, a meeting where flexible behavior and continued absences of the deputies and the possibility of separating the compartmentalization of them discussed if applicable by law.”
He noted that “on Monday will vote on the flexibility of behavior that include issuing penalties for members of the Council. ”
the Iraqi Council of Representatives, had said earlier that the board presidency of the Council is committed to the rules of procedure to her, and continues to take measures set by the system through a cut worth 500,000 dinars, from which members of Almtgben.anthy

Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and al-Jubouri discuss political developments


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Search the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr with Parliament Speaker Salim al-political developments.
A source in the office of al-Jubouri told {Euphrates News} that “Parliament Speaker Salim al visited the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in his residence in Baghdad, and discussed with him political developments.” Ended h

New Import Tariffs Causing Port Chaos



By John Lee.

A new 30-percent customs tariff in Iraq is reported to be slowing business at the port of Umm Qasr (pictured), which handles 80 percent of the country’s imports, choking the port with thousands of uncollected cargo containers.

But according to the report from Reuters, the new rate does not apply in Iraqi Kurdistan, which charges just 5 percent.

Anmar al-Safi, spokesman for the General Company for Ports of Iraq, said the new tariff, which was approved by the Council of Ministers, impacts all imported goods, including foodstuff, and criticised the government for not applying the law to the Kurdish region.

(Source: Reuters)

Deputy for the Union of Forces warns of attempt to escape, officials involved with corruption out of Iraq



Baghdad Journal News: MP warned of the Federation of Iraqi forces Ghada al-Shammari from some Iraqi officials are trying to escape to the outside due to government reforms.

MP-Shammari did not specify certain officials, but it called on the government to follow the movements of officials who have been found on them administrative and financial corruption cases.

She said in a statement (Journal News): “The government should tighten controls at Iraqi airports to prevent the escape of those involved officials of corruption to other countries.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that he was determined to continue the reforms and the formation of a government of technocrats, away from quotas partisan or sectarian and ethnic. He pledged to fight corruption and prosecute the corrupt and recover the looted Iraqi funds.

The Integrity Commission announced last Thursday on the transfer of former deputies of Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and Bahaa al-Araji to justice on charges of money inflation and graft.

He also referred both former secretary of Baghdad Naim Abaob and director of the office of former Prime Minister Farouk al-Araji, to eliminate the same charge.

Health Announces find the missing radioactive source in Basra


Health Announces find the missing radioactive source in Basra

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. The Ministry of Health and Environment, on Sunday, on finding the missing radioactive source in Basra province.

And the loss of the radioactive source in Basra province by nearly three months, while the departments concerned to this matter Bastnfar work in uniting the efforts and the search for that source across the province.

Said Undersecretary of the Ministry for the Environment, Dr. Jassim in an interview for the agricultural / Baghdadi News /, “The radioactive source was used in a section of private oil companies to address the tubes, and through hard work with anti-explosive device and the National Intelligence Service.”

He added, that “the radioactive source did not cause any cases of radiation injury so far and Basra’s hospitals did not record it,” pointing out that “certain parties behind it, and I tried to take advantage of the radioactive source after being smuggled, and will be investigated in this regard in the coming days” .anthy 21 / to

“Daash” pulls foreign elements from Mosul to send them back to Libya


Khandan – Kurdish official revealed that the proportion of the elements of the “Daash” terrorist foreigners, started to decline in the city of Mosul, following Tojھھm to Syria and of which to Libya, while informed source said that the number of elements “Daash” foreigners, who left Mosul, so far, reached more than two hundred.

He said Ghias Alsurja media organizations Nineveh center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) official, that he had “as is clear from the information provided to us, the number of militants Daash foreigners decreased in the city of Mosul after Tojھ a large number of them, and Bیnھm leaders and officials in the organization, to Syria and of which to Libya.”

He Alsurja in remarks to the newspaper “Middle East”, “The Daash pulls ھala militants for fear Vkdanھm began in Mosul upcoming battle, especially since the majority of ھala own military experiences.”

In this context Matھ, continues to organize “Daash” terrorist executions Parents Mosul, fearing the outbreak of the popular uprising against him, prior to the start of operations of liberation of the city.

Alsurja concerning the latest developments in security in the city: “We have organized executed Daash ten residents of the Valley of the quarantine area west of Mosul, was shot dead in a forest area Ptھmh espionage, and to provide Iraqi security forces with information on the organization and Thrkatھ.”

From Jھtھ, happy Mmozیna, official branch Media 14 Democratic Party of Kurdistan in Mosul, said, “The leadership of al Daash posted in the period years, more than 200 gunmen and a leader of the regulation to Libya, organization stresses Send Kadtھ and Mslhیھ foreigners and non-Iraqi Arabs, and officers Baathists of the former Iraqi army to Libya to establish a base where, prior to the transmission of others.