Member of the Parliament of Kurdistan warns of emptying the region of 25 thousand dinars category



Editor Mohammed Shafiq – Sunday February 21, 2016 19:38

Sumerian news/Sulaimaniya

Member of Parliament revealed the Kurdistan region Soran, Sunday, by gangs and dealers in the region convert billions of the 25,000 Iraqi dinar to Turkey, warning the Kurdistan category emptied of cash.
Omar said in an interview for alsumaria news, some traders, supported by some officials who knowingly or unknowingly value conversion of some 300 billion Iraqi dinars from the 25,000 dinars to Turkey during the past period, “adding that” currencies converted from this category dating printed between 2004 and 2008.
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Member of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region needs repairs to achieve the dream of statehood

He added, “the currency of the 25,000 dinar has become almost rare in capital markets in the region,” warning of “emptying the territory of this category.
“Traders from Arab nationalities, German and Turkish they bought in Turkey”, saying he had “documents and videos on these funds and illicit operations and ready for submission to the security agencies for investigation.”
A member of Parliament’s Kurdistan Kurdistan Islamic Group block Soran age coincided with the face of Kurdistan a severe financial crisis.…4%D9%8A/ar

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