“Daash” pulls foreign elements from Mosul to send them back to Libya


Khandan – Kurdish official revealed that the proportion of the elements of the “Daash” terrorist foreigners, started to decline in the city of Mosul, following Tojھھm to Syria and of which to Libya, while informed source said that the number of elements “Daash” foreigners, who left Mosul, so far, reached more than two hundred.

He said Ghias Alsurja media organizations Nineveh center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) official, that he had “as is clear from the information provided to us, the number of militants Daash foreigners decreased in the city of Mosul after Tojھ a large number of them, and Bیnھm leaders and officials in the organization, to Syria and of which to Libya.”

He Alsurja in remarks to the newspaper “Middle East”, “The Daash pulls ھala militants for fear Vkdanھm began in Mosul upcoming battle, especially since the majority of ھala own military experiences.”

In this context Matھ, continues to organize “Daash” terrorist executions Parents Mosul, fearing the outbreak of the popular uprising against him, prior to the start of operations of liberation of the city.

Alsurja concerning the latest developments in security in the city: “We have organized executed Daash ten residents of the Valley of the quarantine area west of Mosul, was shot dead in a forest area Ptھmh espionage, and to provide Iraqi security forces with information on the organization and Thrkatھ.”

From Jھtھ, happy Mmozیna, official branch Media 14 Democratic Party of Kurdistan in Mosul, said, “The leadership of al Daash posted in the period years, more than 200 gunmen and a leader of the regulation to Libya, organization stresses Send Kadtھ and Mslhیھ foreigners and non-Iraqi Arabs, and officers Baathists of the former Iraqi army to Libya to establish a base where, prior to the transmission of others.


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