Coalition forces refuse to participate in the liberation of the popular crowd Mosul


Under Category: politicalDated: February 21, 2016
35,394 Baghdad / Iraq News Network coalition rejected Iraqi forces once and for all the popular crowd participation in the liberation of Mosul. According to a statement of the alliance today: Prime Muttahidoon Osama Najafi, the head Saturday evening an important meeting attended by ministers and vice-bloc alliance of Iraqi forces, which they discussed and discussed “the latest developments in the political and security situation and in particular the liberalization of Mosul process, the government and change the forthcoming” .oard Najafi ” an integrated vision of the political process and ways to solve them and relieve Achtnaqatha problems, also presented his vision for the Liberation of Nineveh and this important process of Asthoudarat and mobilize the energies and the presence of an active command and control on the overall activities required “.ozkr statement said the meeting, due to the specificity of the battle to liberate Nineveh in being is going to break the back of terrorism and recorded the end of the terrorist organization, they decided unanimously “to bear the children of Nineveh effort President in the process in partnership with the army and the Peshmerga forces and the international coalition”. as they decided to “open the way for the people of Nineveh to volunteer and support them with weapons and equipment required to perform their national duty in the battle of liberation, as participants confirmed support for the children Hawija and providing their participation in the elimination of Daash supplies “.oorteur participants” not to approve the participation of the popular crowd at the battle once and for all. “He explained the statement the reasons for non-approval, because the Nineveh” is rich in human cards with the province, and her children have a burning longing to liberate their wallets and return to their normal lives and they have the incentive and motivation and high morale to respond to the terrorists who were the cause of suffering is unprecedented for the citizens of their wallets “.ocdoa” any decision to introduce the popular crowd would help Daash gangs and strengthen it to make the sectarian nature of the battle to serve the black propaganda, so it should not be available any chance of Daash to exploit “.ohdd meeting on” the National crowd composed of the sons of Nineveh, of different religious, sectarian and national affiliations, is best able to grab the land and dealing with the citizens of the province, and to give the utmost importance to the lives of citizens, and the city’s infrastructure, while preventing any reprisals or liquidation “.wacharoa to accounts that” no force attack should receive the support and backing of the citizens who fear the destruction process, and prevent or delay the return of displaced persons associated with the practices of some factions of the popular crow

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