Ithawi: the outbreak of tribal revolt against Daash in Fallujah


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Since 02/19/2016 16:45 (Baghdad time)

Anbar balances News

Revealed a spokesman for the sons of the tribes in Anbar fighters Ghassan Ithawi, Friday, for the outbreak of tribal revolt in Fallujah against Daash terrorist gangs.

The media declared war cell, Friday, for the three tribes in Fallujah clashed with a terrorist organization Daash, while the sons of the tribes dominated parts of the Nazzal neighborhood.

He’s Ithawi / balances News /, he “invited the tribes located in areas controlled by the terrorist Daash by the revolution and the uprising against the terrorists and cleanse their areas,” stressing that “some have already responded to the call and tribes revolted against Daash.”

He added, “The sons of the tribes took control of some areas of Fallujah,” pointing out that “the tribal fighters have more strikes in the northern axis of Anbar and were able to kill dozens of terrorists in Albuabad and Albuaath.”

For his part, Mayor Abdul Hakim modern Aljughaifi that “Maieiq cleanse Fallujah is a political decision.”

He revealed the Anbar Provincial Council, on Friday, for the outbreak of “tribal revolt” against the terrorist organization Daash in the city of Fallujah, while noting the control of the beautiful tribe and with it a number of tribes on the north and south of the city.

By: Mohammed Al-Tamimi




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