America announces the destruction of important sites for Daash Iraq


Friday 19-02-2016 | 4:41:25

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Twilight News / Joint Task Force said in a statement that the United States and its allies have launched 22 air strikes against al-Islamic state in Iraq and Syria on Thursday.

The statement, which was published on Friday 13 strike carried out in Iraq were concentrated near Mosul and Ramadi, where he hit a three tactical units of the organization in addition to the storage of weapons and more than a dozen combat outposts facility. The other strikes hit targets in Albu Hayat and al-Baghdadi, Hit and Sinjar.

In Syria, nine air strikes near the five cities including Hasaka carried out where wounded four units Tktikitin air strikes and five vehicles and two combat troops.

امريكا تعلن تدمير مواقع مهمة لداعش بالعراق