The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, on Thursday, said that if Baghdad has handed over the province dues amounting to more than 800 billion dinars, then we will hand them over Kurdistan oil without hesitation

He said Barzani told media after the meeting of the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and followed up by a network, “IBN” news, said that “what was said by Prime Minister al-Abadi had to say in our meeting with him in Baghdad and his meeting with President of the Region in Munich, Germany, and not through the media,” adding “what the prime minister said was aimed at provoking the situation in Kurdistan.”

He said, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s remarks on the Kurdistan oil delivery against payment of financial dues to the Baghdad region as intended to stir up the situation and confuse in the region, as he emphasized that the region is ready to deliver its oil production in exchange for receiving a financial dues.

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced that, in the (February 16, 2016), is ready to deliver the oil production of the federal government in exchange for payment of salaries of the staff of all the region, stressing the importance of continuing the dialogue and the implementation of legal obligations with the federal government on the basis of common interest.

Iran agrees to freeze oil production index Brent rises to $ 35



Iran determine the fate of the day freeze production agreement


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Said Iranian Oil Minister Beijing Zangana, on Thursday, expressed his country’s agreement to freeze oil production at rates last January, after the quartet meeting, which was hosted by Tehran, on Wednesday, which included ministers of Venezuela, Iraq and Qatar Petroleum, and as he emphasized that this is the first step and there other similar steps to improve the current situation in the market, international oil bourse index recorded a rise of Brent crude up to $ 35.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia and Russia, we announced, the first on Tuesday, (the 16th of February, the current 2016), their agreement to freeze the oil produced at the borders of January 2016 rates, and showed that the agreement has been approved by Venezuela and Qatar, as stipulated Moscow’s approval of the other producers it, experts possibility questioned the commitment of states, “There have been no recent increase in production,” such as Iraq and Iran, he even agreed to it.

He said Iranian Oil Minister Beijing Zangana during a press conference I followed (range Press), “The quartet meeting, which was hosted by Tehran, on Wednesday, which included ministers of Venezuela, Iraq and Qatar Petroleum on ways to support oil prices, has ended the agreement of the oil-producing countries of OPEC and non-OPEC to maintain the current production ceiling rates, to help achieve stability in the market and support oil prices. “

Zangana said, “Iran has provided support to solve this problem,” stressing that “this is the first step and that there are other similar steps to improve the current situation in the market in cooperation between OPEC members and producers outside OPEC.”

He said Iran’s oil minister, said: “The meeting also included, agree on the need to find a mechanism to monitor market conditions and volatility.”

For his part, location (The week) followed the news in the news (range Press), “The Brent crude index rose today to $ 35, after it was around $ 32 on Tuesday.”

He attributed the news website, rise to the “sudden approval of Iran on a proposed freeze on production rates at rates of the month in January, which is called for by Saudi Arabia and Russia in a bid to boost oil prices.”

Iran was announced on Wednesday (February 17, 2016), rejected a proposal to freeze oil production, while blamed Saudi Arabia and other major producers, is responsible for the decline Price, promised that members of the quadripartite agreement can achieve stability in the market if they agreed to reduce their production up to two million barrels per day .

The site MarketWatch Market Watch US economic news, announced the news to him on Wednesday, he followed (the long-Presse), falling crude oil sales in the Asian market indicators compared to the gains achieved earlier, attributing this to the increasing likelihood of Iran’s refusal to freeze its production ceiling is blocking the deal “unconditional,” which reached him Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela.

A source in the Ministry of Oil of Iran, announced earlier on Wednesday, the start of ministers of four countries meeting of the top producers in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), in Tehran, to discuss a proposal to freeze production to support price levels, noting that Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh , he met with his counterparts Venezuelan Aaolockheo del Pino and Iraqi Adel Abdel Mahdi and Mohamed bin Saleh Al-Sada, without the announcement of a specific agenda for the meeting, or schedule has been completed.

The world oil prices have fallen more than 70% compared to the last 2014 Summer, none of the more than one hundred dollars to less than 30 a barrel, resulting in damage to the economies of countries that rely on “black gold” as the sole source of income, including Iraq.

Integrity: The transmission Araji Mutlaq al-Maliki and director of the Office of Abaob to eliminate corruption charges


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced integrity referral Vice former Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, Saleh al-Mutlaq and former director of the General Commander of the Armed Forces Farouk al-Araji, office and Omacain Baghdad agency Naim Abaob to justice on charges of corruption and inflated their body.
According to a statement of the Commission received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was revealed in it “for the completion of the first phase of the officials funds inflation profile, articulating assign each of the Vice-President of the former ministers Bahaa al-Araji, Saleh al-Mutlaq to justice on charges of inflated money and graft, and the Director of the Office former Prime Minister Farouk al-Araji, former Mayor of Baghdad, Naim Abaob he was transferred to the judiciary with the same charge. ”
the Commission noted” the enormous difficulties encountered during the completion of this file, which has embarked upon six months ago; due to “disavow some of our support and to help us and the difficulty of obtaining evidence and evidence, as well as our potential Ltd. “pointing out that the suspects were referred to the judiciary on charges of graft and exploiting career position.”
she noted that “the referral to the judiciary is the first stage, and Referred still accused did not prove them anything; the fact that the accused is innocent until proven guilty . ”
and it alerted the integrity to” the need to support all true patriots her and stand by her side in a fair fight against corruption and the corrupt who have started to move media Mnzawmathm corrupt; to discredit the investigators of the Commission and its staff; in order to discourage them from continuing efforts in fighting corruption and the corrupt. ”
confirmed” their determination to proceed ahead with the second phase of this file in spite of the challenges faced and the difficulties and obstacles that some are trying to put it in front of her, indicating that “we today tiger accurate and crucial stage is not in the work of the integrity Commission and regulators, but also in the Iraqi state administration in general; which requires everyone to take positions solid and decisive repudiation accused of corruption whatever their positions to eliminate seen the charges against them, “.anthy 14

Mahdi: discussions continue between OPEC and independent to boost oil prices



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[Oan- up]
Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Thursday that the talks would continue between Member States and non-members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries “OPEC” in order to strengthen prices.
Came Abdul-Mahdi’s comments came after a meeting of ministers of Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Venezuela’s oil in Tehran Wednesday, in order to reach a global agreement to freeze production levels.
He said Abdul-Mahdi, “It is imperative that the producing countries to find solutions to return prices to normal levels, stressing that the convergence between OPEC and producers outside a step in the right direction.
and reached Saudi Arabia and Russia, two of the top exporters in the world to the center of a sudden solution earlier this week was to freeze production at January levels, in January, which is approaching the highest level ever provided to join the other producers to the agreement.

Parliament votes and reads three laws hosts Abadi Minutes Saturday [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
House of Representatives voted in its meeting held on Thursday, led by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 274 deputies to the law on human organ transplants and prevent trafficking and finished reading two bills in the face of an invitation to attend the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in its meeting on Saturday to discuss the fact economic Ministerial amendment.
According to a statement of the Department of the media to the parliament that “At the outset of the meeting, the President of the House of Representatives session on Monday to discuss the issue of the smuggling of state funds at the meeting of the Presidency of the Council, noting that the Council will begin to account strictly for those found to be involved as well as assigning some quarters of the investigation into these funds, calling both have the information to make them to assist the Board in this regard.
the President announced Jubouri invite parliament to Ebadi “to attendees at the meeting on Saturday to discuss the economic situation and the draft ministerial amendment introduced ideas in this regard, urging the questions that are in the interest of the Iraqi people create.
He stressed chairman of the House of Representatives to the existence of a genuine desire on the part of the Council to resolve issues of concern to the people and work to evaluate the performance of the government and reforms and diagnose failures, solemn MPs attendance to attend hearings and otherwise will be absences announcement and the warning for absent down to cancel the membership of any vice exceeding the legal limit of absences at the end of the legislative term current. ”
on the other hand followed the oil and energy Committee statement dealt with the Readiness of the federal government to hand over the province of Kurdistan salaries in exchange for receiving oil source across the region, voicing concern about the continuing differences between the central government and the province and the failure to reach agreement on a financial commitment, stressing the importance of cooperation in the this file through a unified oil policy, calling for the federal government and the provincial government to initiate serious dialogue out bold decisions in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.
then the Council ended the vote on the law on human organ transplants and prevent trafficking and submitted by the committees health and the environment and Awqaf and religious and legal Affairs to organize and transplant transfusions human organs for therapeutic interest preponderant for patients and access to human organs of the human body neighborhood to donate if his life or dead bodies commandment after his death and prevent the sale of human organs and trafficking by imposing deterrent penalties when the violation.
In another matter, President al-Jubouri, the face that is rescheduled to attend Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Foreign Minister to answer the question oral report to him after being unable to attend as scheduled at today’s meeting of his official visit outside of Iraq, noting that the foreign minister said, according to an official letter from the ministry’s keenness to come before the House of Representatives.
I decided the presidency of the Council of Representatives postpone the report and discuss the draft accountability and justice law and the prohibition of the Baath Party and submitted by the Commission for conciliation, accountability and justice after it is a meeting between the heads of parliamentary blocs on Sunday, to be later presented to the agenda.
the chairman of the House of Representatives to the presence of two laws first were discussed and sent in the era of government Previous while it was after the close political agreement legislation current law and sent from the current government to the House of Representatives, adding that the confusion will be removed through a separate project banning the Baath Party law and the draft accountability and justice law, noting the inability to proceed with the bill, but in the case of voting on it in terms of principle yet been faulted
and he finished the Council read the report and discuss a draft judicial supervision and submitted by the legal Committee Authority Act.
In the interventions of Representatives MP Risan Dler called for the legislation of a special law of the judiciary to be through supervision by the body link.
MP Ammar Tohme to protect the independence of the judicial supervision, especially he monitors the performance of the judiciary and its association with the President of the Authority would interfere with his work.
he MP Zana happy that the bill is devoid of good tasks that existed old law and ignored many important issues pertaining to his work, calling for the deletion of all of the public by claiming in-law.
She noted high Nassif MP that enhance the independence of the judiciary is to separate the bodies of judicial oversight and the prosecution of the judiciary, pointing to the importance that the nomination be in the body by the government to be voted in the House of Representatives.
He suggested MP Mohsen al-Sadoun held a workshop expanded under the auspices of the presidency of the Council of House of Representatives and the presence of specialists to enhance the independence and repair work of the judiciary by the laws of legislation pertaining to the work of public prosecutors and judicial supervision and the judicial Council.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on stressed the support of an independent judiciary, without conflicting with the constitution, which limited the nomination Council of the Supreme judicial asserting taking into consideration the views of the House of Representatives on bill.
for his part, the face-Jubouri president to know the reasons for the reluctance of the State Council in resolving one on the Elimination of that is a parliamentary session to examine specific bills to reform the judicial identification laws.
and he finished the House of Representatives read the report and discuss the draft law amending the civil Procedure Act No. 83 of 1969 and submitted legal and financial committees.
In the interventions of Representatives deputy proposed Jabbar al-Abadi to increase the value of the amount of the consideration of the court of first instance to 10 million dinars, instead of a million dinars.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed that the law respect to issues that are not taken to appeal before the Court of appeal, citing that goal comes to check on the judicial proceedings in the court of first instance.
and hosted by the House of Representatives governor of Nineveh province to discuss the humanitarian situation in the province.
He welcomed the President of the House of Representatives at the beginning of hosting the Governor of Nineveh Novell Hammadi] to review concerning the maintenance situation.
He stressed the governor of Nineveh on the importance of seriousness in speeding up the process edit city of Mosul, the surrounding areas alluding to the Prime Minister in response to the execution of the request Mosul dam maintenance and approval of the contract with the Italian company.
He also praised the governor of Nineveh to the lack of financial support or moral with Aesideat as well as lack of support for the ration card items and stop promoting contractors transactions in addition to non-payment of dues of farmers.
He pointed to the importance of working on the launch of the assets of citizens to maintain in state banks, referring to the preservation of Nineveh share of grades, alluding to the scarcity allocated for displaced Mouhafidi medical materials.
for his part, the face of al-Jubouri, the human rights commissions and high finance, education and security and defense to take into account what has been put forward by the governor.
In the interventions of Representatives, MP Ali Mutaiota called to provide support to the province of Nineveh.
and demanded MP triumph al-Jubouri, an explanation for the problem of the Mosul Dam and consider the requirements of retirees.
queried MP Haji candor about the reasons for the delay in the reconstruction of liberated areas in the province of Nineveh, and the lack of attention Pallaisideat editors.
the deputy wondered Arshad Salhi about the role of the province and the council to see the processes involved in a drunken area.
I am surprised MP Ahmed al-Jubouri of not allowing armed tribesmen to take part in the liberation of their wallets.
for his part, MP Kaveh Mohammad pointed out that the people of drunken did not receive a full ration months ago.
MP Mohammad Naji knowledge of Turkey’s role in the liberation of the province of Nineveh.
He urged MP Ahmad al-Jarba everyone to stay away from the political debate, and to circumvent the administrative service and help citizens.
and I wondered MP Najiba Najib for not dealing with the suffering of the displaced people, especially residents in the province of Dohuk.
in turn, I inquired MP Hanan al about the timing and duration of the start of the restoration of the province of Nineveh al Daash process.
the MP Mohsen al-Sadoun the need to support the House of Representatives and the government of the governor of Nineveh province to move with the help of its citizens and the opening of camps for tribal members.
MP Mohammad Taqi Mawla participation of all components in the liberation of the province of Nineveh operations.
in response to the interventions, the governor of Nineveh that the best solution to the problems of the province of Nineveh is focused on liberation from Daash terrorist, referring to his several visits to the plug connector for the gloss dam, which suffered one of the gates of the failures, noting that the province continues to coordinate with international organizations for reconstruction.
He said that all of Nineveh sons covered by the formation of a crowd for the Liberation of the province, adding that the province is subject to the orders of the Prime Minister is committed to any decision the subject of the Turkish presence.
This was followed by the Committee on Agriculture, water and marshes own its activities relating to the holding quarterly report meetings, seminars, hosted the belonging to discuss the reality of agricultural crops and provide action plans to address the development of agricultural production, as well as discuss the legislation in this regard in addition to discussing the problems of the central and southern governorates on water scarcity and the reality of the marsh.
He Firat Tamimi, chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, water and marshes to the need to allocate sums of money to support agricultural production and protect the local product and address the problem of peasants to pay their dues and implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture plan.
in turn Parliament Speaker thanked the role of the efforts made ​​by the Commission in the preparation of its quarterly report.

Chest: We will withdraw from the political process and we represent us in the event of failure to respond to the demands of the masses .. and the government of technocrats is absolutely imperative


Chest: We will withdraw from the political process and we represent us in the event of failure to respond to the demands of the masses .. and the government of technocrats is absolutely imperative

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. confirmed cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, that the government of independent technocrats fair far from rampant corruption was inevitable, a popular demand of my people, as he emphasized to withdraw from the political process in the event of failure to respond to the demands of the masses.

Sadr said in response to a question about the “re-formation of the Iraqi government and with the required professional efficiency figures (technocrats), impartiality and independence, as some political blocs want to specify them by it in order to choose the prime minister of them, according to what they call the elections.”

Where between al-Sadr in his statement that “the independent government of technocrats fair far from rampant corruption was inevitable, a popular demand of my people,” adding that “the government of political technocrats would mean a return to the circle of corruption, partisanship and sectarianism, and this is the Atrdah reference nor we nor the people.”

He added that “in the event of failure to take measures true, we will step up the demands for political and Sneptad Alroukh We are all of us called onion,” noting that “the current political process in the current appalling and we can not keep them on like this.”

He said al-Sadr as saying, “People Vlintzer subsequent our steps, which will be in accordance with the Maardah pleases God and conscience, and people” .anthy 21 / d


Death sentence on convicted 40 massacre at Camp Speicher


Khandan – the central criminal court in Baghdad sentenced to death (40) after being found guilty of involvement in the crime of massacre Camp Speicher.

The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the federal judiciary said in a statement, “The second body Central Criminal Court considered the suit (47) charged with a crime Camp Speicher.

Bayraktar said that “the court ruled the execution of 40 convicted of involvement in the incident, while seven suspects released for lack of evidence.”

He pointed out that “the sentences were issued in accordance with Article IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act,” pointing out that “the primary decision is subject to discriminatory checks by the Federal Court of Cassation.”

Warren: the international coalition aircraft succeeded in destroying money Daash centers


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 Baghdad / Iraq News Network, a US military spokesman said Thursday that the coalition led by the United States against al Daash succeeded in destroying hundreds of millions of dollars was dependent regulation in the finance Amlyate.oukal Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for the Alliance, which fights against the terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria in a press statement today: the coalition aircraft struck ten centers to collect cash weekend Almadi.oukal Warren told reporters through direct contact of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, “we do not have an exact figure of money that destroyed we published, but we believe that he has hundreds of millions of dollars.” He went on to say, “it goes without saying that the raids did not come all the paper money, and so it is reasonable to assume that they (the organization) were able to save some of them. But we think with that it was the task of a series of raids seriously damaged the finance organization. “Said Warren The impact of the alliance’s strategy of targeting the financial and oil regulation resources began to appear in the reports that talk about being forced to cut the salaries paid to elements in half in some cases.

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Our coalition is systematically destroying ‘s financial infrastructure, ability to pay its terrorists.


Urgent Parliament to raise its hosts to Saturday where Abadi

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[Where – special] 

raised the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Thursday, the parliamentary session to the next Saturday.

According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where], said that al-Jubouri, “lift the parliamentary session to ten on Saturday morning, where they will be hosting Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi,” followed ..