Urgent Iraq welcomes the agreement prepared by the oil quartet and a step in the “right direction.”


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[Special Oan-]
Iraqi Oil Ministry welcomed the quadrilateral agreement, which was held yesterday between Russia – Saudi Arabia – Qatar-Venezuela] judge to freeze oil production for these countries at the level of exports for the month of January last.
He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad told all of Iraq [where] that “This agreement is a step in the right direction and will reflect positively on the global oil market.”
Taking place today in Tehran negotiations between Iraq and Iran and Venezuela to discuss the possibility of joining the two countries [Iran and Iraq] to this Agreement.
it was Iraq’s production rate of oil for the month of January, according to preliminary statistics of the Ministry of oil, amounted to 3.9 million barrels.
Jihad said, he was “an update of the agreement [quartet] today in talks between Iraq and Iran and Venezuela in Tehran will discuss the tentative agreement to freeze oil production at levels of month January. ”
he stressed that” Iraq with any decision hurt the producers service and raise oil prices, “noting that” Iraq finds that this step in the right direction, and already he was calling for the need for there to be discussions and consultations among producing countries inside OPEC and outside especially Russia, which occupies first place in oil production, and certainly what happened yesterday of the agreement is a positive development will impact certainly on oil prices. ”
he pointed out that” Iraq is an important and active member of OPEC, which seeks to work with member states in order to reach the steps leading to the return of oil prices to normal. ”
explained a spokesman for the oil Ministry, said that” this proposal in the process of the talks and we are with any decision in the interest of Iraq and improving oil prices, so we are with a positive decision. ”
He pointed out that” there are consultations in Tehran and certainly hope to reach an agreement paving the way for an emergency meeting of OPEC to make a decision in this regard in the interest of producers and lead to the lifting of oil prices. ”
the new Jihad welcomed the agreement quadruple saying,” this agreement is a step in the right direction and will be reflected positively on the global oil market, which will be the first Coordination 7 among oil-producing countries inside and outside OPEC, and therefore this is an important message in a serious put an end to the decline in world oil prices. ”
the Minister of energy and Industry of Qatar and chairman of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries [OPEC] Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada said on Tuesday his country’s agreement with Saudi Arabia, Russia and Venezuela on the proposal to keep oil output ceiling at January levels last after the approval of oil-producing countries within the UPC and abroad.

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