Baghdad is prepared to deliver the Kurdistan 17% of the budget if there is “serious”

Editor Mustafa Saad – Wednesday February 17, 2016 19:40
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Re Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday, on the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government deliver its oil output of the federal government in exchange for payment of all the territory salaries of the staff, and while stressing the need to reach an agreement between the parties, confirmed the readiness of Baghdad hand over 17% of the actual budget expenditures to the region if you have the “seriousness of will.

A spokesman for the office, Saad al-Hadithi in an interview with Alsumaria News for, “if there is a serious will of the Kurdistan Regional Government commitment to the provisions of the Constitution and return to cooperation with the federal government in the export of oil, the Baghdad government will be committed in return hand over the percentage specified for the region from the general budget of the country through a grant of 17% of the actual budget expenditures. “
Sabri added that “the issue of delivery retroactively or not is left to search in case there was a serious desire of the region to move forward in this direction,” pointing out that “the economic and security challenges facing all parts of Iraq and therefore the cooperation and coordination in this regard is essential and strive to achieve it.”
The Kurdistan Regional Government announced, on Tuesday, ready to deliver the oil production of the federal government in exchange for payment of salaries of the staff of all the region, stressing the importance of continuing the dialogue and the implementation of legal obligations with the federal government on the basis of common interest.
The announcement came in response to Ebadi’s remarks in which the region was considered a referendum on independence “redundant ring” lead to more tension, while mortgage Kurdistan staff salaries to hand over Baghdad exporting oil revenues from the region.

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