Parliamentary Legal Announces vote on a legal amnesty and the Federal Court next Thursday



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Parliamentary Legal Committee, announced Monday, from voting on a legal amnesty of the Federal Court in a hearing Thursday of this week to the House of Representatives after the settlement of differences to them, as pointed out an exception convicts terrorism issues of the amnesty law.

The committee member said Salim Shawki told / information / “The points of contention about the Federal Court Act has been settled and for determining the scholars of Sharia and Law, as well as resolve the positions of President of the Court and his deputies and shorten the duration of his term from 12 years to six years,” pointing out that “the mechanism the vote on the law would be two-thirds of the members of the Council or a majority of its members after intercepting the Kurdistan Alliance to a vote before the amendment of its paragraphs. “

“The differences that were settled law of general amnesty notably the re-trial of the accused in accordance with the confidential informant reports, as well as the accountability of families of the victims about the possibility of giving up the case against convicted of Admanm,” noting that “the Union of Iraqi forces and the National Alliance agreed to exclude convicts issues politicians terrorism from the general amnesty law. “

Shawky said that “the House of Representatives will vote on a legal amnesty of the Federal Court in a hearing Thursday of this week after the settlement of all disputes mentioned.”

The Deputy Chairman of the Legal Committee Muhsin al-Sadoun, earlier last week, the committee was continuing its work in order to provide a general amnesty law and the Federal Court in a timely manner after an agreement of all political parties on the controversial paragraphs. Finished / 25’s

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