Maliki is talking again about the political majority and calls to support Abadi conduct a comprehensive reshuffle



15-02-2016 02:01 PM

Warned the president of a coalition of state law, the Vice President of the Republic ‘Almrhq’ Nouri al-Maliki, to adopt the style of cosmetic reforms, stressing that the political majority project

Adopted by the State of Law coalition it did not seek to marginalize the component or a particular political party but a comprehensive number of forces that believes in building Iraq, according to a policy approach and one aim of the Iraqi citizen service.
Maliki stressed the need for reforms to be adopted by the government based on sound foundations, and do not be comprehensive prosthesis that gives the prime minister the opportunity to choose the members of his booth ministerial accordance with the rules of competence and integrity, and not someone starts to intervene in the selection process. He renewed his talk about the political majority, which had previously called her, as called for support of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to conduct a comprehensive reshuffle.

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The meeting between al-Abadi al-Jubouri on cabinet reshuffle



02/15/2016 18:42


BAGHDAD / obelisk: meeting started between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Monday, on the upcoming reshuffle.

A spokesman for the Office of the Speaker of Parliament Ahmed Mahjoub, said that ‘Abadi al-Jubouri, a contract, today, a meeting on the reshuffle, which will witness the government’.

Abadi was in (February 9, 2016), called, to make a change and ministerial ‘substantial’ featuring characters’ technocrats’, and in the House of Representatives called on the government with the support at that, he stressed that Iraq will exceed what he called ‘ordeal.

The National Coalition on Monday (February 15, 2016), that the Prime Minister came out the position of the ‘wondrous strange’ request replace the current technocratic government and other government of technocrats, and among it does not find a justification for the replacement of the faces, but a road map, pointed out that the inventory of things superficially Iraq and the region will be presented to more ‘relapse’.