Jubouri calls to send financial Court Act for approval in parliament


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Monday, to send financial Court Act for approval in parliament.
Jubouri said in a speech during the launch of the strategic plan of the Central Bank of Iraq for the years 2016-2020, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, “We are experiencing circumstance requires more skill, wisdom and thinking, to remedy the problems that surround us, especially the first and foremost economic problem , which is the most important part of our challenges and Mrahentna the solution at the same time. ” He added,” when we find an economic way out will not we fail then to find a political, security and humanitarian exits, “but he also said that” the core of the problem stems from the economic downturn, the first step of the solution start with the economic solution, when we can economically we will be able to support the battle with weapons, money and Novi our commitments to volunteer to fight and their families, and when we have money we will be able to solve the problem of displaced people and the reconstruction of devastated cities, and we will be able to run the unemployed and provide a decent living and housing citizens, and as a result money is the most important gate and the first political and social solution and humanitarian required. ” He cautioned that” the need to promote the banking business in Iraq and takes active role in bridging the gap between the potential and challenges, capabilities and needs, and it was not until after the regimented within international standards and benefit from the experiences of countries that stood up Bagsadha through the banking professional work. ” . he pointed out, “it’s time for the approval of the financial Court Act by sending parliament to enable it to exercise its work as one of the most important interfaces regulatory and punitive to any excesses that would override the law in the financial action Task Force and the reduction of all types of corruption.” and the reforms process said al-Jubouri said the “the real reform process centered on identifying the real challenges and create visions and a roadmap and exceptional solutions, and work to create new opportunities to overcome them along with a way to find new people.” he continued, “we are with every effort is in favor of the nation and citizens, provided that in the context of the Constitution and the law, and within the framework of consultation with the building blocks that are also keen on the interest of the country and supportive of reform and willing to find the right solution as soon as possible. ” He stressed the need not to resort to withdrawals in the central bank’s hard currency financial reserves to cover the deficit in the the balance of payments, stressing that Iraq has a lot of wealth and large capabilities, assets and assets that allows him to move the economy and stimulating activities as well as the indebtedness is less than many of the surrounding countries. he said the “investment can contribute to the revitalization of transport, agriculture, industry, banking sectors and even education and health, and thus stimulate the public sector and salvaged “.anthy


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