Chinese train up for the first time to Tehran after the lifting of international sanctions


Chinese train

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We arrived for the first time a Chinese freight train to Tehran, the Iranian station, on Monday, after a journey that lasted 14 days, as part of a test flight for the revival of the Silk Road Railway, after the lifting of international sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

The trip came following a tripartite agreement between Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, to conduct a pilot train journey from China to Tehran station.

And spare train transit Silk Road railway distance of more than 10,000 kilometers in 14 days tonnage of 32 shipping containers with size 40 feet, and the train set off from the city “Yiwu” station in Zhejiang province (east China).

The freight train, the first of its kind to link China with Iran and the Middle East. According to the selected program, the train came out of “Onata” crossing in the area between Kiang northwest China, passing through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, all the way to Iran, which is entered via Sarakhs Station (northeast), and in the future will enter through Aingh Byron Station (north-east and bordering Turkmenistan) .

It is expected that commercial level rise between China and Iran and the Middle East significantly with the launch of the train transit and starting commercial activities across the railroad tracks of the Silk Road. Finished / 25 Q

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