A new border port with Iran


Under Category: politicalDated: February 14, 2016
13930908000446_PhotoIArchitecture / Network News Iraq announced Assistant Governor of Iran for Planning Hashmat Allah military, Sunday, the completion of the first phase of the establishment of “Linda Barker” border crossing with Iraq, and in fact in the district dehloran, adding that he will be officially opened within two months Almqublan.onqlt News Agency “Knight” for Assistant Governor Eelam (LTTE) on the sidelines of a meeting with the Assistant economic province of Maysan in “Linda Barker” border area, said that “this port inaugurated in the district dehloran will provide the ground for the interests of Iran and Iraq in the trade and economic fields and cross the Visitors.” he added that “has been set up all infrastructure in the field of roads, water, electricity and International security “Linda Barker” border port, and that all things are well suited to find an official outlet, “noting that” both Iran and Iraq have enjoyed economic potential suitable. “He added that” Ilam province consists of 10 districts, where is dehloran spend of more districts of the province -owned natural resources such as oil and gas and agriculture, “adding that” with the opening of the border Linda Barker port will be linked dehloran city with the city on the western Iraqi Missan province, “.ofatt that” civilian dehloran about 90 miles from the railway plans iron, which connects Mhafezv Khuzestan capital Tehran, which is the best border point for Iraq “. He expressed a military expects to cross between 700 to 1000 trucks through,” Linda Barker “border port, indicating that can neighboring provinces of Ilam province, such as Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, Hamedan , Lorestan, Isfahan and central advantage of this border cros


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