The world awaits the first solar eclipse on the ninth of March



By Shaimaa Mohamed one hour ago
كسوف الشمس - ارشيف
Solar eclipse – archive

Roudao – Erbil

The world is witnessing the first solar eclipse of 2016, on the morning of the ninth month of March next day.

He said the planetarium astronomer and observer status to the center of Sharjah for Astronomy and Space Sciences in Sharjah, said on Saturday that the upcoming solar eclipse will be visible in East Asia as from Sumatra in Indonesia, Borneo and Sulawesi up to the mid-Pacific Ocean.

“The solar eclipse begins after sunrise almost twenty minutes, from the city of Palembang in Indonesia’s far west, and then move to the cities in the east, where the sun would withhold at its maximum for 4 minutes 9 seconds.”

He explained that the phenomenon of solar eclipse will occur twice in 2016, first on the ninth of March, and will eclipse entirely, while the other date in the first of September Spettmbralmqubl.

The center pointed out that it would not be possible to monitor the phenomenon of solar eclipse this year in the Arab countries, but in the twenty-sixth of December 2019 there will be the phenomenon of the annular eclipse will be observable from the UAE.

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