Law: {} amnesty soon be recognized


2/14/2016 0:00

 BAGHDAD – Muhannad Abdul Wahab
said the number of members of the House of Representatives that the general amnesty law approached the declaration after becoming the consensus clearly marked him through discussions in the committee.
She said the legal committee member of the parliamentary Ibtisam al-Hilali: The {parliamentary sessions this week will vote the general amnesty law. »
she said in a statement the” morning “:” the visit of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the Commission came to urge them to finish the important laws because the remaining period of the life of the parliament two years and must complete all the laws in the committees and vote on them. ”
She explained, “in regards to the amnesty law has been the formation of a sub-committee within the legal committee to follow up on all observations of the law of the political blocs.”
She noted that “on Wednesday will witness the final debate on the law to be presented for a vote at next Thursday.”
for his part, the member of the legal Committee Kadhim al-Shammari said, “the Supreme Judicial Council submitted a proposal for the formation of a review of court covered by the provisions of Article 4, terrorism after the inclusion by the committee and submitted to the presidency of the Council.  
He said in a statement the” morning “that” a review of the provisions of terrorism proposal is hoped that the exposure by the presidency on the heads of political blocs and then it measures its take. ”
He pointed to” the need for the inclusion of convicts and detainees innocent people oppressed in accordance with Article 4 terrorism amnesty for lack of evidence against them legally. ”
He pointed out that” the audit Court will review the prisoners who ruled under Article four terror to prove Mazlomathm or not issues. ” .  
He explained that “exceptions may be curtailed from 16 exception to 10 to include a large number of prisoners with the exception of the terrorists who are found guilty of killing Iraqis,” noting that “the formulas harmonic become apparent in the form of law.”
 as confirmed researcher in political affairs Rahim al-Shammari told “morning” that compass emotional stability of the society in the approval of the draft of the amnesty law, the fact that security and political conditions exceptional the last ten years have been very tough on the reality of people’s lives and gave birth to many cons now needs a serious stand by the state, therefore the executive and legislative authorities bygone diagnosis of some aspects as possible for reform, with a review of the amnesty laws previously issued and their repercussions, which was most recently in 2008 “.   
among Shammari” could see this week’s progress step forward and vote on the bill, which enters in the field of correctional paper to the government and approved by parliament in order to be a message of confidence between the Authority and the people in order turn the page of the reform pages politically and socially as reflected on the general situation positively. ”
He continued,” if we take into consideration how I managed states of progress in building their own home we will see that it has been through calls for tolerance and heavenly mercy which refers to amnesty for errors, except for crimes that can not be bypassed by any means and the preservation of the rights of the innocent. “

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