US intelligence: Daash chemical used several times


02/12/2016 18:14
صورة أرشيفية

File photo
He revealed the CIA director, John Brennan, to organize Daash used several times on the battlefield chemical weapons and could make small amounts of chlorine and mustard gas.
Brennan’s statement came in excerpts from an interview with, the channel “CBC”. Brennan added that “the CIA believes that the organization is capable of making small amounts of chlorine and mustard gas.”
In response to a question about the ability of the organization to move the chemicals to be used outside of Iraq and Syria, Brennan said that this could happen. “It is therefore important to various transport routes, smuggling used by the cut.”
Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria Sirte accusations between the contending parties using chemical weapons.
Many of the Kurdish remarks were referred to the acquisition of Daash on chemical weapons, especially mustard mash, and the Iraqi forces indicated a number of times to seize the chemical weapons belonging to Daash.

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