Iraq welcomes ceasefire in Syria’s decision and calling for its implementation


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Iraq welcomed the cease-fire in Syria’s decision.
It was Syria’s support group adopted at its meeting yesterday in Munich issued a statement providing for a ceasefire and resolving humanitarian issues and launch a political process in Syria and to hold elections within 18 months.
The welcome Iraq during a meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations on the sidelines of the Munich conference on security.
A statement by the prime minister, said al-Abadi “expressed appreciation for the humanitarian efforts of the United Nations in Iraq, and its role in seeking to bring about security and stability in the region.”
Welcomed Abadi through a meeting with Deputy UN Jan Ellison initiative of the Munich conference for a ceasefire in Syria, calling for the implementation on the ground as an important step and resorting to a political solution, and they discussed the results of Munich security conference and its reflection on the security and stability of the region and the world.
for his part, Ellison congratulated the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces, expressing appreciated the efforts of the Iraqi government to protect civilians and their quest to restore stability to cities liberated.
He expressed concern for the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, declaring the UN’s determination to launch a relief program if the cease Nar.anthy

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