Barzani reassured: the Kurdistan Region will pass the crisis


Wednesday 10-02-2016 | 7:46:21

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Shafaq News / The president of the Government of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party vice chairman Naچervan Barzani, on Wednesday, that the province has not seen any financial crisis, such as those taking place today since the nineties of the last century, adding that the prospects are bright and the region will be able to pass this crisis, too.

Turning Barzani during a meeting Wednesday with cadres of the Democratic Party officials in the branches of the borders of the province of Arbil within the leadership of the provincial council and the mass of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Parliament of Kurdistan, to the financial crisis afflicting the region.

He spoke Barzani in the meeting at length the current situation in the region and the effects of the financial crisis on the situation in the region in general and especially the living conditions for employees and citizens in the region, highlighting the reasons that led to this crisis, since cutting the provincial budget since 2014 to impose “Daash” war on the region and the resort about 1.8 million displaced people and refugees to the province and the reason for the latest and the most influential is the drop of oil in the global markets that caused the problems and crises of the region is not alone, but for all countries in the economies that depend on oil.

Barzani expressed his appreciation and appreciation to the staff and the steadfastness of the people of Kurdistan in front of this difficult situation, touching, especially the role of party cadres and members of his bloc in parliament and influence to maintain security and to clarify the risks of these crises to citizens to pass while the crisis.

Barzani assured all parties that the province will pass this crisis is certainly also passed other crises despite the fact that the region has not seen such a crisis since the nineties of the last century, adding that the prospects are bright, and the province will pass the crisis with all contentment.

He spoke Barzani about the importance of the continuation of relations between Erbil and Baghdad, explaining that if the two sides can not agree on a number of points, but it would be better for the present and the future of Kurdistan that province relations with Baghdad continue, stressing that Iraq’s political dimensions, economic, commercial and social Kurdistan Region that the region