US official: air strikes to force the Islamic state to cut the salaries of its fighters


Monday 08-02-2016 | 5:32:45

Fighter jets h d

Fighter jets h d

A senior US official said on Monday that the organization of the Islamic state was forced to cut the salaries of its fighters as much as half because of the significant impact of air strikes by US-led funds derived from oil sales organization.

He said Daniel Glaser, Treasury’s assistant secretary for terrorist financing The air strikes have weakened the ability of the organization to the oil extraction, refining and transportation of controlled areas in Iraq and Syria.

He said at a conference in London, “When we look at the difficulties that they know they face with respect to transport and extraction I think it’s fair to say that he can no longer make money as was the case before.

“Islamic state reduced the salaries of its fighters in tenderness by up to 50 percent.”

He said the strikes also targeted sites stash the cash resulting in “virtually to the burning of millions of dollars.”

He announced the organization of the Islamic State Islamic caliphate state unilaterally in areas controlled by Syria and Iraq.

Glazer said the United States estimates that the organization was earning about $ 500 million a year from oil as well as hundreds of millions of additional taxes and extortion along with hundreds of millions seized by banks when they dominated the cities and towns in Iraq.

But he said the air strikes began to make a big impact.

This is supported by the Iraqi government’s decision to stop paying salaries to state employees in the territory controlled by the organization as this is equivalent to about two billion dollars annually.

He said the organization still has a lot of money, but cutting the income flows will limit his efforts.

Glazer said, “It is expensive to manage state succession It is expensive to manage a war … you have to pay the fighters’ salaries, they face hard times and getting harder.”

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