The provincial government decided to cut salaries by “15-75” percent (Details)


08-02-2016 04:15 PM

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He explained Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council, that the deduction of a temporary salary system, and next month will see the difference.

An official source in the Council of Ministers of the site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said that “the Council of Ministers of the region expanded meeting was held in Erbil on the new system of salaries, where they discussed two important paragraphs or two about that.”

He added that he “discussed the sort interior ministry salaries and Peshmerga in the first paragraph, it is are sorted forces elements of the salaries on the battlefield against terrorists on the elements of non-participation in the fight against terrorism forces, and the second paragraph refers to the deduction of a temporary salary system will see next month’s change.”

The source added that “the distribution of salaries in this manner will only during this month and next month will see the system in the distribution of salaries to serve everyone.”

The Council of Ministers in the Kurdistan region, decided at its meeting last Wednesday, Taatkhvad salaries of employees in the province increased by 15-75 percent.

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Tomorrow .. re trading on Iraqi dates


Tomorrow .. re trading on Iraqi dates

Tomorrow .. re trading on Iraqi dates
Iraqi Date Processing and Marketing – archival

 February 08 2016 17:05
DatesIIDP 0.00% 1.27 0.11

Directly said Iraq Stock Exchange, on Monday, he decided to re trading on the Iraqi Company for Date Processing and Marketing shares ( IIDP ) -almadrjh

Bha- tomorrow, Tuesday, February 9.

The bourse said in a statement on its official website, that the decision to re-trading would be indicative price per share is 1.17 dinars per share.

And it identified the stock ratio of 50% maximum of the high and low share during the Tuesday session.

This is due to stop arrow to the Company’s General Assembly meeting on Sunday, and it was last Monday, February 1 last trading sessions on the stock before the suspension.

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