Military sources: the deployment of thousands of soldiers of the Iraqi army to the process of liberalization of Mosul


Information / translation …

Iraqi military officials confirmed that the Iraqi army has deployed thousands of troops in northern Iraq drunken base in preparation for operations to regain control of Mosul Daash of terrorist gangs.

And moving the US Digital Journal site in the news translation agency / information / for Brigadier General in the Iraqi army on condition of anonymity as saying that “military units of the Iraqi army had begun to reach a drunken base to start launching initial military operations around Mosul.”

He added that “there are three brigades at present there hopefully that’s up to 4,500 troops,” adding that “the forces of the band 15 and band 16 will participate in the restoration of Mosul operations.”

He continued that “the first goal is to cut off supplies completely Daash between Mosul and areas of the south, including the area of ​​Hawija in Kirkuk, Baiji and near areas in Salahuddin province.”Finished / z 25

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