Masum calls for continued community reconciliation efforts and promote the values ​​of fraternity to eliminate extremism expanded {}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News President Fuad Masum, said Sunday that he had no choice in front of everyone but to promote unity and strengthen the solidarity front against the will of terrorism, calling for “continuing societal reconciliation efforts and promote the values ​​of fraternity to eliminate extremism.”
The representative of the President of the Republic Qahtan al-Jubouri in a speech on behalf of the President during the first National Conference for the Protection of peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hate and fight against extremism and terrorism, which was held in the parliament building attended by Agency correspondent {Euphrates News} today, “It’s a good occasion to Tjtmawa under this important title that has become is a slogan and the national goal of all Iraqis meet different religions and sects bitter and rare courage suffering which our people faced terrorism, extremism and violence, confirm the conclusion that you come together for it, and stresses that the choosers for all of us but to strengthen our unity and strengthen our front against the will of terror and extremism, which is our way for Iraq’s recovery and save its security, integrity and unity. ” He added,” As we reflect on the recent past, and noticed the escalating terrorist attack against our country and our people, and when we stand on the size of the suffering of our people, both in the provinces that have been attacked and occupied Daash her ​​or in other provinces that stood with dignity and fathers with the provinces that afflicted Baldoaash we conclude important result confirms that the severity of the terrorist attack Zhadat our coherent and unified and contributed to isolate the forces of extremism and terrorism, which is the living result that has to be build on them in good time such that you come together for it. ” he continued, saying n” these results call us political, parliamentary and government leaderships Let us work Savior hard and swish to further community reconciliation efforts and promote fraternity values ​​and the closure of any hatred window and fear in Iraq to protect everyone. ” He noted that” to rely on the national participants and promote cooperation and coexistence, and renunciation of hatred and extremism is one of the cornerstones upon which the unity of the community, a Mayazz feeling rightful citizenship and respect for the rights of everyone in Iraq. ” he concluded by saying,” we hope the conference success to be an effective and practical step to achieve the goals you have met for it that the victories of our people against terrorism requires, and confirms the trend into a political and societal and cultural work and media-intensive to become great goals and the reality on the ground “.is over


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