US asks the Iraqi government to end the role of the popular crowd


Popular crowd

Information / translation …

Iraqi security sources revealed on Saturday that Washington is putting pressure on the Baghdad government to end the partnership the popular crowd and solving the resistance factions, which had a larger role in the war on terrorism.

The news agency Fars in the news translation agency / information / quoting a senior Iraqi source who preferred not to be identified as saying that “the United States government has been quoted by diplomats message to the Iraqi government that there is no need to build public and that role must end.” . Adding that “security sources in the battlefield indicate that the Iraqi government’s progress in this path.”

And it warned the factions of the popular crowd spilled forth this information from any regional or international attempts to halt their role or their operations.

The MP Hassan force had said in an earlier statement that “the United States is trying to make the utmost efforts to fold the popular crowd in order to prevent the progress of these forces in the country.”

Left to the popular resistance factions and the crowd has been able to defeat terrorism Aldaasha in many battles in Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Baiji, Ramadi and rock cliff and is still battling on several fronts, from Anbar and is preparing to participate in the liberation of Mosul. It ended 25 Z


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