Sistani raises red card for “Supreme Leader”


Saturday 06-02-2016 | 10:19:00

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Twilight News / raised religious authority in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani’s decision to stop expressing his political views proclaimed by his representative in Karbala, Ahmed net in Friday sermons, a sensation in the reasons for taking this step.

The one close to the reference to al-Sistani is trying to remind everyone to “different from the velayat-e faqih philosophy of Najaf.”

The idea of ​​creating a “crown jurist” Iraqis have always been an effort, not a Shiite political forces that adopt the theory, even to those forces that believe in the traditional philosophy of Najaf, which is trying separation between religion and politics, and taken from the growing role of Sistani’s religious in popular circles, in recent years, an excuse to try to give him a direct political role.

Safi said in a sermon last Friday that “reference has to read the text written is a vision in Iraqi affairs, but it was decided that this is not a week for the time being,” adding that “the reference views will go according to the emerging issues and require events.”

The net position of the reference week announce every Friday, and the most prominent positions in the past months to support Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to implement the reforms announced by, and support for popular demonstrations in Baghdad and the southern provinces, and his criticism of successive governments since 2003.

And linking politicians between al-Sistani’s decision and the failure of the Government of Abadi in conducting reforms, stressing that the authority wants to disassociate Najaf for political failure, especially since the government has taken the lid.

But a source in the reference said that “al-Sistani who boycotted the political center of the Iraqi years, and March, cross-platform Friday the role of the opposition and the instigator of the change, does not want to be dealing with his speeches as a political directives, which insists that the reference be far away from political affairs except in the narrow limits “.

The source revealed that al-Sistani “has already been reprimanded Abadi in oral messages and other written, because of his attempt to cross consulted those close to him or by his son, Mohammad Reza in issues concerning the affairs of the state and governance, and this is rejected by the reference categorically”