Deputy: National Alliance is suffering from weakness and divisions and failed to choose a speaker



Since 02/06/2016 19:08 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – scales News

MP Kamel al-Zaidi in the National Alliance, said on Saturday that the coalition is suffering from weakness in the parliament and divisions because of his failure to choose a president.

He said Zaidi’s / balances News /, said that “there is a significant weakness in the National Alliance’s performance in the recent period in the House of Representatives and the divisions evident in the decision-making.”

Zaidi added that “the coalition failed to agree on the chairman of the alliance to succeed Jaafari did not meet periodically to discuss issues raised in the arena-style McCann did before,” adding that “the candidates front-spur-chaired the coalition are MP Ali al-Adeeb and head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim” .anthy 29/33 h

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