Maliki: economic and security conditions require everyone to unite to overcome them


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president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki stressed that the economic and security circumstances surrounding the call for everyone to join hands and work to overcome them, “calling for” the need for the Iraqi tribes contribute to the achievement of social solidarity. “
He called al-Maliki in a speech at the memorial ceremony held tribe of Issa governorate of Najaf today to mark the anniversary of the death of its leader, Sheikh Waheed Issawi, he said that “provide for the tribe and the tribe with the help of her children, but stands son of the clan Mysore course with his cousin the poor to work on bridging the needs and requirements which will lead to state support in achieving security and ensure stability and eliminate crime. ”
he praised” the role of clans supporting the state, “adding that” the authenticity of the Iraqi tribes they advanced to take responsibility in difficult situations, despite attempts by fragmentation and fragmentation by the former regime, but it has maintained its unity and cohesion and national positions. ”
said president of a coalition of state law to” the need to be careful clans and tribes of Iraq to play a real role in supporting the government and the attribution in the application of law and the preservation of peace, coexistence and brotherhood between all the components of Iraqi society, under the umbrella of a civil state slogan law is above everyone, “and warned of” enemy schemes aimed at dividing Iraq through the establishment of sectarian federations, calling on everyone to stand up against it and fail, “.anthy

The religious authority to stop expressing their positions temporarily week


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The representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Ahmed Safi, on Friday, stopped Move to express their positions on current events per week on a temporary basis, pointing out that the positions will be linked to the evolution of events.

Safi said during the second sermon for Friday prayers held in the saucer and I followed al-Husseini al-Sharif / information /, “It has been the practice in the second sermon for Friday prayers offer visions and attitudes of the religious reference week, however, he decided to stop it every week.”

The net, that “this matter will be temporary,” pointing out that “the reference will express their positions, according to the events and developments.”

It is noteworthy that the representatives of the religious authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, Mr. Ahmad Safi were Alawan weekly attitudes and instructions issued by the religious authority of Mr. Ali al-Sistani.

The religious authority has stepped up its positions during the past three weeks, it was the most prominent of the criticism made by the politicians of failing to honor the advice by saying, “We have researched our voices.” Finished / 25

Basra’s governor renews call for global companies to invest in the province and is overcoming problems


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Basra's governor renews call for global companies to invest in the province and is overcoming problems
[Basra – where]
new governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui his call for global companies to invest on the land of the province and the various sectors to move the economic recession, which passes by the country and the region.
He said during a workshop held at Basra International Hotel to prepare for the oil and gas for the next year in 2017 in the presence of the US consul and the Iranian and Egyptian consul, said that “Iraq has the wealth and the potential of a large and has assets and assets that allow him to move the economy and stimulating activities and has good financial reserves, and its debt and its inability amplified and rates are lower than many of the surrounding countries and has religious and cultural sites make it a kiss visitors. “
He added Nasraoui that” our country has an alloy of black gold makes the aspiration of investors and guarantee a comprehensive economic reconstruction and the skills and interests of Off awaiting departure and enjoyed Iraq’s regional and international friendships large, “calling participants at the conference that “backing the Basra to be the start to repair the economic reality in Iraq for the benefit of its citizens and stimulate all vital sectors.”
He promised conservative more support for the exhibition of oil and gas in the next version, calling for the development of capabilities and expand participation, which refers to the alignment of the city Basra for economic investment and of all kinds and various Snovh.anth

Central believes the pillars of the protection of “electronic dinar” civil and banks confirms its readiness for use


Iraq is preparing to launch the e-dinar


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq, said Friday that the e-dinar technology facilitates financial transactions and sings for the cash payment and its problems, noting that it has developed a lot of technical and regulatory foundations for the launch and insurance protection in collaboration with the companies “solid”, while expressed Association of Iraqi banks, private banks ability to dealing with that technology, particularly that 20 of them have e-services currently.

A member of the Board of the Central Bank, Ahmed Rehn, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “electronic payment (e-dinar) technical issue concerned with facilitating financial transactions to the public, and Ngnehm for cash payment, which cause a lot of delays and problems, as well as it reduces costs, “adding that” the Central Bank was attended by a lot of technical and regulatory foundations for the launch and insurance protection in collaboration with specialized and reputable companies. “

He added Rehn, that “private banks suffer several problems, including those related to liquidity, as a result of mistakes in the management of its financial resources and employ them,” noting that “the private banks did not anticipate the risks, one of the most important banking controls, which expanded by about more than potential, but Zllk not It prevents them from exercising the electronic payment process of being separate from the availability of liquidity. “

He stressed Rehn, that “electronic payment is not the first step the central bank in the development of the banking system, as it worked since 2004 on the intraday settlement system (RTGS) in settling the high interest payment orders, where she has electronic trading taking place between the banks and the central bank on the one hand, and banks with each other hand, “pointing out that” the e-dinar step in a series of steps the central bank to develop banking business and to facilitate things citizens. “

For his part, Executive Director of the Association of Banks, Ali Tariq, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), he said that “a lot of private banks are able to move to electronic payment and dealing with the system,” noting that “among those banks electronic services developed working on nearly a daily basis, in various dealings. “

Tariq said, “The 20 banks waged operate electronic payment cards for years,” she returned to “electronic dinar service will lead to increased competition among private banks by about contributing to the development potential and mechanisms of its work.”

In turn called financial expert, on behalf of Jamil Antoine, in an interview to the (long-Presse), to “educate citizens about the benefits of e-dinar, and improve the ability of the banking system and training to deal with the new technology which supports liquidity and reduce cash use of paper and the problems that accompany it,” attributing it to “weakness of the banking sector the confidence of citizens.”

He called Antoine, the need to “address the private banks problems, some of which are suffering serious problems,” following the “worrying signs have emerged in 2012 on the development of banks in Iraq, as a result treated 11 percent with the Iraqis only with them, according to Central Bank statistics, and the small number of its branches and other negative indicators. “

And saw a financial expert, that there is “an urgent need to prepare the banks for dealing with electronic payment technology to ensure not get negative reaction on them,” returned that “the reform of the banking business and the enactment of necessary laws to require, as well as tighter controls on banks.”

The Central Bank of Iraq, announced in (the first of February, the current 2016), his willingness application of the electronic payment system and the launch of e-dinar, about contributing up to deal with the banks and reduce the problems of the cash deal, calling on government agencies to take advantage of them, while the Economic Commission parliamentary stressed importance of electronic financial systems in the fight against “corruption and bribes.”

Urgent foremost authority decide to make political engagement as required by the events and developments in the Iraqi affairs and not on a weekly basis

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{Karbala: Euphrates News} decided to make the supreme religious authority and political engagement as required by the events and developments in the Iraqi affairs and not on a weekly basis.

The representative of the supreme religious authority in holy city of Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net in a Friday prayer sermon, was we have been in every Friday to Nqra in the second sermon written text represents the visions and the eyes of the foremost authority on Iraq but I’ve decided to make it clear that every week at the moment but as Matstjd things required events and limit ourselves by reading passages of supplication “.anthy

Jubouri of Babel: the need to grant extended powers to the provinces to manage their affairs

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to grant extended powers to the provinces to manage their affairs.

Jubouri said while attending a gathering of the clans of the Middle Euphrates in hand Kifl I followed the agency {Euphrates News} “The Iraqis are paying conflicts and international agendas tax, while stressing that there is no way to overcome the current problems and crises, but to unite and unite.” 

He said the President of the House of Representatives that “we fully believe in the unity of Iraq and the need to grant extended powers to the provinces to manage their affairs and we will endeavor to provide whatever help those provinces to perform its role. ” 

and stressed” the importance of finding other sources of income contribute to solving economic problems, pointing out that he discussed in depth during his visit to the United States with officials at the bank international ways and mechanisms to support Iraq in the face of these challenges. ” 

He concluded by saying” the solution in our hands and our unity, but that does not mean that the international community stands arms folded in front of what Iraq is witnessing facing alone a decisive battle with the forces of terrorism and extremism, which calls for an international effort to support and backing “.is over

Abdul-Mahdi and a group of experts to discuss tomorrow activate the work of the national oil company

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News discusses the Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi with a group of oil experts, the economy and the reality of the oil policy and activating the work of the national oil company within a seminar of the Institute for the progress of the development policies.

According to a statement of the Institute and agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “the Institute of the progress of policy development in the Jadiriyah held tomorrow important seminar at the Institute’s headquarters Bagadirah in Baghdad about the reality of the oil policy and activating the work of the national oil company in the presence of Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and a group of oil experts and economists . ” 

He noted that” the seminar run by MP Mehdi al-Hafez will be held at 10:30 on Saturday morning. ” is over

Foreign companies receive payment of dues to the Kurdistan oil

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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} Genel Energy Inc. on Friday said one of the foreign oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region if the operators of Taq Taq field partners have received payment of $ 16.3 million in dues to the Government of the region for oil exports.

It comes payments in the strategic framework announced by the Kurdistan government earlier this week to begin to pay dues to oil companies, according to the terms of the contract with them instead of the temporary payment arrangements pursued since September. 

She said Genel it and its partner Addax Petroleum also Tlgueta $ 3.2 million covering five percent of the total monthly net return to their fields which additional payments Kurdistan Regional Government announced the commitment in its new strategy to repay the dues. 

the Giniel that dues for oil exports from the Taq Taq field and yield net amounted to $ 10.8 million in January. 

He added the province independent oil sales since June last June to more than 600 thousand barrels per day, but with the inflation of the public sector wage bill and falling prices in the region is facing a deficit of between 380 million and $ 400 million Hehria.anthy