Balutiqh..almalah agree to postpone the payment of loans from banks and borrowers

Economy and Tenders

Since 02/05/2016 19:36 pm (Baghdad time)

 Baghdad balances News

I got / balances News / on the document included a government decision to postpone the overdue benefits to the private sector for the benefit of the government.

According to the document issued by the Minister of Finance Hochea Zebari, the “Committee for Economic Affairs of the government headed by Zebari discussed the support and stimulate the private sector Meeting Decisions on 01.26.2016.”

The committee recommended, according to the document, to “postpone approval of the borrowers repay loans from government banks who have debts of state institutions for contracting or equipment and are prompted to pay their debt repayments in light of the state institutions and in coordination with the city,” .anthy 29 / D 24


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