US official: “Daash” retreat in Iraq, Syria and Libya progresses


Khandan – An official at the US Defense Department said Thursday, the high number of elements of the organization “Daash” terrorist in Libya in recent months, compared with a decline in Iraq and Syria.

The news agency ‘AFP’ for the US official as saying that in Libya, about 5,000 component of the terrorist organization, while previous estimates reported that this number was between two thousand and three.

He added that his country appreciates the presence of between 19 and 25 000 element of Altzim in Iraq and Syria, the decline from the previous figures that ranged between 20 and 33 thousand.

He said the US official, who declined to be named, said “foreign fighters go to Syria is becoming increasingly difficult, thus Viottaghon to Libya.”

Controlled organization “Daash” terrorist Sirte and its environs, 450 kilometers east of the capital Tripoli.

He said US Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome last Tuesday, said that “the last thing we want to see in the world is false succession owns billions of dollars of oil revenues,” and that at the conclusion of a meeting of the representatives of the international coalition led by the US against “Daash.”

But the alliance stressed that military intervention against the “Daash” not on the table now, preferring to focus on the formation of a national unity government in Libya.

He added that the decline in the preparation of the elements of the terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria return to the slowdown in the influx of foreign militants in addition to the “losses on the battlefield and the flight elements and internal sanctions and loopholes in the recruitment and doubled restrictions on travel to Syria.”

Defense official continued by saying, that the alliance of many terrorist network in Iraq and Syria have become more accurate estimates, which could have an impact on the evolution of the figures.

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