Trade will resume its work in Salahuddin

Local Since 02/04/2016 14:27 pm (Baghdad time)


BAGHDAD – scales News

Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday the opening of commercial branches in Salahuddin province, and the exercise of its business in the normal delivery of services to citizens in all areas of the province.

The Minister of Trade and agency Mohammed Shia ‘Al Sudani said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that “the ministry’s companies and departments business all began to exercise their natural its business after the rehabilitation of sites and buildings for all branches of those companies and departments, which have been ruined as a result of military operations and the exercise of the terrorist gangs to inflict process damage to those civil institutions. ”

He said the Sudanese, “The business community in the province was the first to re-work after the liberation of the areas of gangs and terrorist Takfiri and is now playing its role in humanitarian service and part of the conservative government and provide services to citizens.”

And on the same level, Director General of the General Company for Foodstuff Trading in the Ministry of Commerce attended the opening of the company’s branch in the city of Tikrit and in the presence of First Deputy of the province of Salahuddin, who has expressed his willingness to support the work of the company’s branch in the province and praised the Commerce Department’s efforts to provide food for the citizens to urgently re-work branches companies in the province to help families in the review and obtain entitlements within Altamoanah.anthy 29/4 e card

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