Reducing the salaries of ministers and deputies in the Kurdistan region of large proportions


By Roudao 22 minutes ago
شعار حكومة اقليم کوردستان
Logo Government Kurdistan province

Roudao – Erbil

The salaries of ministers and deputies in the Kurdistan region to a great extent reduced, according to the new table to the salaries of employees in Kurdistan, 75% of their salaries Stdechr them with the government, to become their salaries less than two million dinars.

The salaries of ministers and MPs in the province of Kurdistan in excess of six million dinars per month, but the new table that got it Roudao, the salary in excess of 5 million dinars (five million dinars), it will be saving 75% of it, which means that earners salary of five million and 676 million people will get only 1,000,419 million dinars.

Ministers of the Council of Kurdistan province, met on Wednesday to discuss how the government will deal with the current financial crisis, the reforms and the application of the measures taken, has issued seven decisions to overcome the financial crisis, including one spare parts from employees’ salaries.

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sven Dzia “make all efforts to address the situation, and that the savings portion of employees’ salaries except for the Peshmerga security forces, part of the plan,” adding, “This measure is not in any way a reduction or withholding is held to pay any employee, nor within the scope of the reforms, but it is only a temporary plan for the government to overcome the crisis. “

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