The most prominent economic expert explains the benefits of e-dinar project


central bank

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Said Basil al-Obeidi, an economist for the main advantages of e-dinar project to be established by the Central Bank of Iraq, as pointed out that the project will enable the citizens to pay debts discharged electronically.

He said al-Obeidi told / information / The “e-dinar project is a small device resembling his job ironing Card will be used in service departments that charge fees for citizens to issue their transactions,” noting that “the project will address pay back the money sent by the official circles to banking problems Government through the electronic balances, rather than the treasurer, as well as an end to corruption and administrative operations by falsifying some transactions. “

“The e-dinar project will enable citizens to repay discharged from wages for the service by sending them circles by their electronic devices without the need for Korsdh because of what those circles.”

Said Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords Monday, the bank’s intention to launch a project to facilitate e-dinar payment collection service and the provision of economic and material to facilitate liquidity management. Finished / 25’s

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