Tamimi: collection of electronic step to come to receive salaries and pay taxes

I almost Member BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – February 2: parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, “The prime minister’s office held a workshop, in coordination with the central bank about electronic payment, electronic collection, in a move to take over the salaries, and the payment of taxes, and collection through electronic numbers “.

She committee member, Majida al-Tamimi, said that “the Central Bank is the guarantor of this project, and must study the issue in all its aspects, and the closure of corruption outlets, while there are companies took license to this project, including the ACL,” the company, adding that the government has only through reforms, and must The move to reduce expenses, and increases revenue. “

It showed that “the country has reached a dangerous and sensitive phase as a result of lower revenues, coincided with the entry of Daash since mid-2014,” pointing out that “the central bank denied the reduction of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar in the prior permission of the Director of the Central Bank.” Ahh ended

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