It claims the application of tariffs on all provinces, not just the Basra

Basra – Iraq Press – February 2: MP for the province of Basra, Zaher al-Abadi, said on Tuesday, in a press conference held in the House of Representatives “We noticed the application of the tariff law in the provinces without the other in contrast to the budget provided for its application in all Law provinces. ” 

Abadi and demanded the government to “wait currently applied, we will stand with them because we were able to apply it in all the provinces and fairly.”

To that it added the MP for the rule of law, the emotions of grace, that “there is variation in the application of law in Basra is the collection of 30%, and in the port Abraham Kurdistan only 5% and this is not just like another state,” the government is required to “apply the law of customs tariff all government ports and fair. ” Ended O.h 

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