Urgent US general: we intend to send Apache aircraft and new advisers to speed up the liberalization of Mosul


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Lieutenant General Sean McFarland said the commander of the coalition that the US-led against al Daash Monday forces that Washington plans to send attack helicopters [Apache] and advisers to help Iraq restore the city of Mosul as part of her research options that will accelerate the campaign against militants.
US officials, including President Barack Obama and expressed their desire to speed up the campaign to organize Daash fighters and called on allies to increase military contributions in the destruction of the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s efforts.
He said McFarland looked forward to the restoration of Mosul at the earliest possible time without to say that it agrees Iraqis estimates that it has recovered from the grip of the organization Daash end of this year.
He said McFarland, “I do not want a date, I would like to finish this as soon as I appreciate it.”
Included former US steps to speed up the military campaign deployment of dozens of elements of US Special Forces in Northern Syria and the strength of the targeting of the elite to work with Iraqi forces to track targets for organizing Daash.
The steps may include sending more police trainers and the army, including US.
He McFarland that the US-led coalition trail so far more than 17,500 Iraqi soldiers and about two thousand policeman and still three Thousands element of the police and army under training.
McFarland explained that the proposals presented by may not necessarily require the deployment of more American soldiers who stayed largely away from the front lines pointing out that the coalition partners may Atkvlon cover this aspect.
He said McFarland, “at a time we expand our operations in parts of Iraq and into Syria, there is a possibility a fair amount that we will need additional capacity and additional forces provided and we are looking for the appropriate structure.
“McFarland added that his country is ready to send attack helicopters Apache and advisers to help the Iraqi forces and the peshmerga to restore Mosul if What requested to do so.
He said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter last December that the United States is ready to send advisers and planes to helicopters if Iraq asked to help in the fight to restore the gray but Iraqi officials did not ask then additional assistance.
and regained the Iraqi forces the city of Ramadi, which lies at a distance near Baghdad late last year.
He went on to say McFarland “We can not impose assistance on any party may request one and they want them and we are here to be secured by their request, the minister said everything is still on the table certainly” .anthy


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