The central bank is preparing to launch the e-dinar recommends depositing the salaries of all employees in banks


The central bank encourages the adoption of electronic payment systems


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, ready for the application of the electronic payment system and the launch of e-dinar about contributing up to deal with the banks and reduce the problems of the cash deal, calling on the government agencies to take advantage of them, while economic Parliamentary Committee stressed the importance of the electronic financial systems in the fight against “corruption and bribery “.

This came during a press conference held by Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, on the Keywords, with a number of specialists economists, in the wake of a workshop payment system and collection mail in Iraq, which was held under the slogan (electronic payment methods starting point for financial inclusion), which was held within the region Green, in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press).

Keywords and said, “The central bank was prepared infrastructure for payment systems that allow the application of electronic payment for the collection or adjustments to the different agencies, including the state departments mechanism”, noting that “the infrastructure done by the Bank will provide ample space to enter the collection and electronic payment and use the card systems e. “

He said the governor, that “the central bank will launch e-dinar soon to facilitate the payment of money by mobile phone,” noting that “cash handling involves many of the economic and organizational problems, and that the electronic payment reduces bureaucracy and corruption as well as theft and assault.”

Keywords said, that “electronic payment will go through a number of stages, the first of awareness of its advantages and apply optionally campaign,” calling on government agencies to “take advantage of this service.”

Said Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, that “the Bank will recommend the government to deposit employees’ salaries of all government and private banks during the next term in a move that will connect millions of new people to banks and get them used to the use of electronic financial services and take advantage of its benefits,” pointing out that “ten percent of citizens only on relationship banking and financial institutions currently. “

For his part, adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, during the conference, said that “the success of the payment of retirees and displaced salaries through the smart card, encouraged the expansion of the experience there to be a bank account for each employee experience,” he returned that “it could be an employee who gets his salary that way from paying wages collection of the State or the purchase of goods and services. “

He said the head of the parliamentary economic committee, Jawad al-Bolani, in his speech during the press conference, “The House of Representatives is keen to legislation all the associated financial and economic matters,” adding that “the Commission will accelerate necessary for the application of the electronic financial systems and legislation of laws.”

Bolani stressed the importance of “electronic collection and e-dinar in the fight against corruption and bribery.”

The electronic financial systems scattered in abundance in various countries of the world, including many from the Arab, unlike Iraq, which is still in its infancy in this area as a result of the difficult conditions experienced by.

3 thoughts on “The central bank is preparing to launch the e-dinar recommends depositing the salaries of all employees in banks

  1. OK as long as people can still draw the money out as cash… If not it just means the banks have complete control of your money and can even confiscate it if they want to as they did in Cyprus and Greece.


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