Cabinet: Insurance 2016 salaries by 100%.


01/31/2016 23:31


BAGHDAD / obelisk confirmed the Cabinet, on Sunday, securing 2016 salaries by 100%.

The prime minister said in a statement that ‘State officials and the salaries of retirees and beneficiaries of social welfare has been secured for 2016 by 100%.’

He warned the Council of Ministers, citizens ‘hear what I have described false rumors that are trying to undermine security and stability in the country through to play the economy and the erosion of oil prices’.

The prime minister noted in a statement to ‘the existence of very few cuts considered in Alraotb’, noting that ‘salaries is a red line that can not be compromised. “

On the security front, the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced Sunday that al-Abadi chaired a meeting of the Commission on reinforcing the presence of the ministers of defense and interior Khaled Mohammed al-Obeidi Ghabban, to discuss the arming and equipping the Iraqi armed forces in its war against al Daash.

Ebadi said in a statement that the Office ‘Prime Minister today presided over a meeting of the Commission on reinforcing the presence of the defense and interior ministers’.

The statement added that ‘During the meeting, they discussed arming and equipping the armed forces requirements in its war against the terrorist gangs and follow the directions and recommendations made at previous meetings’, pointing out that it ‘has been taking a series of decisions in this regard’.


One thought on “Cabinet: Insurance 2016 salaries by 100%.

  1. What is this PM talking about,there are thousands of workers in Iraq,they have not been paid for the last 5-6 months,there factories workers and teachers in Dewaniah & Kurdist and other places,why this man don’t become a realistic and go and see instead of fabricating stories to shut the angry population up.


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