Iraqi company wins international award for providing a secure way to pay financial dues 

02/01/2016 11:30 [Image: thumbnail.php?file=767575_768329701.jpg&...cle_medium]

Direction Press / Baghdad

Ki-Card smart card company in Iraq has won the award Sasemez world, held annually in Paris and dedicated to honoring the best innovations in the world of secure payment technology.

According to a statement of the company, “the trend Press” received a copy of “The Company She ran for the joint venture group in Iraq, in honor of its success in innovation to address the humanitarian crisis solutions by providing cards to Card to facilitate the distribution of aid to the displaced, displaced persons and groups other inside Iraq operations.”

“The project won international attention because it is the fruit of a successful cooperation between the public and private sectors to find a solution to the problem is not limited to Iraq, but also provide a safe way to distribute financial aid to displaced people and refugees to help them provide the basics to live.”

The statement continued that “For the first time in Iraq’s history to win an Iraqi company operating inside the country’s international award has been shared in this achievement a number of banks, including Rafidain and Rasheed banks the biggest government in Iraq.”

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