Infallible: No peace for the world to achieve in Iraq without the elimination of Daash and survival factors [expanded]

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the President Fuad Masum, stressed the need for the international community to support Iraq in the fight against global terrorism to achieve peace.
Masum said Thursday in a televised speech addressed to the Iraqi people and other peoples of the world on the occasion of the New Year solutions in 2016: with a view of the year a new AD, extend our warmest wishes and congratulations to the Iraqi people and the peoples of the world, and we hope that next year will be in the good, peace and progress for all, We have lived years and faced a lot of challenges, but here we say goodbye to this year with more confidence and more will and determination to overcome the difficulties. ”
He added, “The look of a new year is a window on the human renewed hope the lives of free and advanced, safe and with renewed green tree of life.”
Infallible “Perhaps what we faced in Iraq and the region over the past year and the years before the bloody confrontation with the forces of extremism, hatred and darkness and by Iraqis from combat and sacrifices effort is the translation process and the struggle for the meaning of human hope life more peaceful, stable and acceptance of diversity and difference confirmation.”
He said President of the Republic, “The victories of our army and the various forces that fought and are still fighting terrorism takfirist offender is the fruit of the greatest of these sacrifices that the Iraqis fought in defense of their towns and their national unity and diversity cohabitant on love, justice and fraternity values, Vohr congratulations to our fighters brave wherever they are in the breakers operations in various their collections especially brilliant victories in Anbar finally to more tournaments that make it next year, it in Iraq without terror and in Iraq Advanced national unity to protect their independent state free safe, the State of Iraq for everyone.
“He pointed out that” our sacrifices defending Iraq and Iraqis have been and continue to defend Equally for the security and peace in the region and the world from the evils of terrorism and extremism, and this fact is now confirmed for all, and we hope it be enhanced by all the countries of the region and the world’s efforts to support our steadfastness and our victories, either through logistical and intelligence and air backing support or through trapping and combating the financing of and feeding Daash human beings and arms, money and propaganda, which is sources of life for terrorism.
“The infallible” No peace for the world without achieving peace in Iraq and the region and that the outright elimination of the Daash and on the factors that make the survival of this terrorist organization possible, whether in the form of active or dormant groups, and this achievement can not be achieved without the common aspiration and will of the common and joint action from everyone.
“He added that” the peace of the world is everyone’s responsibility, and perhaps revive the hope for peace with the new general solutions requires a strengthening of the international will, the liberalization of the world from the fear of the threat of terrorism, extremism and hatred.
“He called for” all of us to work for peace, but not the new year general welfare of our people and other peoples of the earth, but not the years in which displaced people and displaced and migrants back to their towns and villages in safety and freedom, and peace of the souls of those who sacrificed and died for freedom and for Iraq, pride, pride precious to their families who sacrificed her children in this way, and the speedy recovery of our wounded, and every year and everyone lives more stable and progress, and the pleasure and peace “.anthy


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