Chest: Maliki is still live illness love of power


Editor Ali Jasim – Thursday 31 December 2015 16:18
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He said the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki is still living in the “love of power disease,” while asked him not to interfere with “the affairs of Jihad” after “sold one-third of Iraq of terrorism”.

Sadr said in response to a question from one of his followers on (Maliki’s visit last for some popular crowd of a military regulations camps, and participation of the demonstrations organized by factions of the crowd, whether it considers detrimental to the factions of the crowd rather than benefit him), and seen Alsumaria News it, “he still lives in the disease (love of power), “adding,” but hard that the Iraqis will not repeat their mistake to sell Iraq Ayad wrong hands. “

He said al-Sadr, that “he should not interfere in the affairs of jihad and the mujahideen after selling more than one-third of Iraq of terrorism and occupations.”

Al-Maliki visited, during the past two weeks, a number of the popular crowd camps and met with some of its leaders.


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