Abadi resembles his office at the White House and calls for the province to stop secession calls


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semi-Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi White like a house of his office in Washington, “calling at the same time,” the Kurdistan region to stop calls for secession from Iraq. “
He pointed Abadi during his speech in the migration of young people held by Iraqi Red Crescent Society today to open roads and main streets, including in the Green Zone Conference “calling at the same time citizens to” patience in the government’s actions in this regard.
“He added,” There are several countries including the United States take action security precautions such as preventing approaching the White House for hundreds of meters and we understand that in Iraq, with its particular situation the current security and the protection of its institutions such as parliament mission and government headquarters “in the Green Zone, which houses the Office of the Prime Minister.
He predicted Abadi,” the growth of Iraq’s economy is even faster than the top twenty countries with the Government to reduce state spending and keep the costs of the war and to keep the important economic activities and the salaries of the middle class, “stressing that” Iraq will emerge from the crisis stronger as the government continues to fight corruption and continue the reforms.
“He called the prime minister” of the Kurdistan region to stop and leave the calls for secession because the enemy and challenges one it will protect home if abandoned by his sons, “noting that” the region did not succeed the return areas covered by Article 140 by force.
“He continued Abadi, that” the conflict between the Iraqi people to Aasb in the interest of the country and its citizens must therefore stop trying other thwart “stressing that Iraq” in which many goods enough everyone but we have developed and respect the law and the Constitution “.anthy


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