US forces raided the headquarters of the Hezbollah militia Iraq eastern Ramadi, a Sunni release 500 detainees



Anbar Quds Al-Arabi from Obeida al-Dulaimi, US forces raided the headquarters of the Hezbollah Brigades Iraq of militia popular crowd near the town of Khalidiya eastern city of Ramadi, Anbar province, and that after the establishment of the Iraqi police to inform the US leadership in Khalidiya, “at the request of residents of the area to search for their children who were detained this militia because of the police’s ability to prejudice a popular force for the crowd, “as a leader of the Awakening Khalidiya Khaled al-Dulaimi said in an exclusive interview with” Jerusalem is Arab. “

He said al-Dulaimi, “after informing the American leadership in the region and actress officers Americans the officers the power to protect them accompanied by dozens of fighters from Anbar crowd who have graduated from a US training sessions allowed, and raided the headquarters of the Hezbollah Brigades Iraq to find the more than 500 detainees from the Sunni regions of Khalidiya and its environs , as well as citizens from the control of the organization of the Islamic state were Boutraiqam areas to go to Baghdad to end the pension and the salaries of transactions. “

He adds Dulaimi “Most of the detainees were found in Hezbollah’s headquarters were arrested in the control of the notorious Razzazah on the road to hand Amiriyat al-Fallujah, and the Americans transfer of detainees to the Habbaniyah police station for the purpose of completing released and the investigation with those who live in Muslim areas of the control of state regulation measures “, in the words of the leader of the Awakening Khalidiya.

For his part, Captain in Khalidiya police on Alzuibi in an exclusive interview with “Arab Jerusalem” that “the Khalidiya police did not have any role in the process and that its role was limited to the receipt of released detainees by US forces.”

He Alzuibi: “Some of the detainees who have been released have spent more than five months in the Hezbollah Brigades prisons Iraq date back their detention to the first day of the entry of the popular crowd to Khalidiya,” and expressed Alzuibi surprise “of questionable Some why he did not welcome the Sunnis in general and the people of Anbar is particularly popular Bmlishea crowd after all this abuse and sectarian practices “as described.

He adds the Iraqi officer, “the popular crowd practices reached an unbearable and can not be silent on this situation, instead of to fight in defense of the region, a task that is assumed that they came for which they started arresting people throng them, and we will not forget that the Hezbollah Brigades had fled and evacuated their When the first attack by the organization of the Islamic state to spend Khalidiya after control of the city of Ramadi a few months ago, it did not settle the conditions of Khalidiya only after their withdrawal, despite the partial return to the battles now, “in the words of the Iraqi officer.

It warns the officer in Khalidiya police of “the consequences of the continuation of these abusive practices of popular crowd where caused a state of rage when the people of the region, especially after the discovery place of internment shall revealed cases of torture were they practice against the detainees and we are sure that all those who were in the place of internment shall innocent,” he described.

It is worth mentioning that the parties to spend Khalidiya exposed continuously violent attacks organized by the Islamic state fighters who are trying to increase the pressure on the Eastern Front for the city of Ramadi, and tighten the screws on the Habbaniyah military base.


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