Baghdad agrees to $2.5m to help with refugees in Kurdish province

By Nawzad Mahmoud

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Officials in Sulaimani say that, as winter approaches, Baghdad has agreed to 3 billion Iraqi dinars (about $2.5 million) for the Kurdish province to help with the huge number of refugees it has taken in from other parts of war-torn Iraq.

Abdulxaliq Muhammad, a general manager in the Sulaimani provincial council, told Rudaw that the central government had agreed to the sum to ease the economic burden from the nearly 2 million refugees now residing in camps across the region, most of them from Syria.

“We will receive the amount in cash but it will be spent on projects dedicated to the refugees,” Muhammad said.

Around 58,000 Arab families from other parts of Iraq have taken shelter in Sulaimani province in the past year, since an ISIS offensive in neighboring Arab provinces.

Muhammad, who accompanied Sulaimani Governor Aso Faridon, to Baghdad, said that Iraqi officials had vowed to help Sulaimani build schools and facilities for the refugees. It has also promised fuel, especially kerosene, which is widely used to warm homes in the region.

Most of the refugees in Sulaimani come from Iraq’s Sunni areas — Anbar and Salahadin provinces in particular — who chose the safety of the Kurdish-controlled areas over Baghdad, which has a predominantly Shiite population with an uneasy relationship with the large minority Sunnis.
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Urgent Parliament held its meeting in the presence of 220 deputies


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House of Representatives held its regular Saturday to vote and reading on a number of draft laws.
According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that “the meeting was held under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 220 deputies.”
It includes the parliament session agenda of today’s vote on the draft Martyrs Foundation Law and vote on the first draft amendment to the law to compensate those affected by the military operations and military errors and processes terrorist after withdrawn and Arjaahma because of disagreements around them.
The agenda includes a host Minister of Labour and Social Affairs [Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese], and vote on the proposed annexation of the hospitality institutes to the Ministry of Education Act, and the vote on the first draft amendment to the Law forensic medicine No. 37 Law for the year 2013 “.
As included “reading of the economic and investment commission and discuss the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2016 Act report, and the report and discuss the draft Code of Military Criminal Procedure Law, and the report of the Legal Committee activities” .anthy 14

42 raid on the alliance Aldhola Daash in Iraq and Syria


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the international coalition forces led by the United States, 42 new air raid on the terrorists Daash sites in Iraq and Syria.
The joint central leadership to coalition operations in a statement today that it has sent 20 separate raid and sent to Iraq near the Albouhaah and Baiji and the intersection of Kisak, Mosul and Qayyarah, gray, Sinjar and Sultan Abdullah.
“He said the raids” hit and destroyed a number of tactical units and locations of the fighting areas warriors gathered and a number of heavy machine guns , stores and buildings of the Daash.
“He pointed to the implementation of the” 22 air strike in Syria near the cities of Abu Kamal and Hasaka and squint and Raqqa and Deir al-Zour and denuded targeted tactical units and car bombs and a number of fighting sites and buildings affiliated with al Daash “.anthy

Parliamentary Finance: for the vessels to re-balancing of the government and the IMF gives consulting and Evrd restrictions

November 21, 2015

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Our economy / Baghdad

Finance Committee Chairman MP Faleh force stressed that the House has no intention to re-draft federal budget law in 2016 to the government, while noting that the International Monetary Fund gives consulting and Evrd restrictions.

And the applicable special permission told “our economy” news that “the amendment gets on the budget size includes Agiera numbers only and it is hoped to reach 101 trillion instead of 106 trillion also came from the government,” noting that “the World Bank recommended a reduction in the amount of $ 20 trillion from the budget “.

“The Finance Committee has a new approach is the application of oil revenues and effectively and proposed by our committee will double the revenue,” noting that “government applications and procedures in the past year is intact,” explaining that “the government has not previously customs tariff application and obtaining revenue from the state property, which generate large sums of money. ”

He said in effect that “routine boredom impacted on government revenue and the Ministry of Finance comes in second place after oil in terms of revenues, which did not do previously,” stressing that “we will leave an impact on the budget law for the current year through revenue which will do as seed money for the treasury.”

He said the “IMF gives consulting and Evrd restrictions and that our committee is seeking not to impose taxes on fuels and the ration card”, rejecting “all the proposals of the International Monetary Fund to impose taxes through external borrowing.”…%A7%D8%B2/
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