Balvedao..rossia destroyed 500 oil tank to Daash in Syria was heading for Iraq

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Chief Operating Officer in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation announced that Russian fighters in Syria destroyed about 500 oil tanker loaded with an al Daash was traveling from Syria to Iraq.
And between the first team Andre Kartapolov told reporters Wednesday November 18 that the trucks that were destroyed during several days was transporting oil from Syria to Iraq for refining.
The military official in this regard the start of Russian fighter jets, “Sidon free” carriers of the terrorist organization of oil, saying: ” I want to emphasize that it was the day the decision was launched under which Russian warplanes to the so-called free fishing for tankers transporting oil products for terrorists in the areas under the control of the Daash areas.
“He added that” Daash and other extremist organizations established in recent years under his areas of so-called “tube Oil on the tires, “explaining that hundreds of trucks [tanks] transporting thousands of tons of oil from Syria to Iraq for refining, what is considered a basic funding for the terrorist organization’s resources.
He briefed Chief Operating Officer journalists on photos showing hundreds of oil tankers parked in a convoy in preparation for the launch, saying the destruction of About 500 truck as “heavily armed possibilities in the illegal export of oil derivatives reduced, and thus their income from oil smuggling” .anthy
to watch the video .. Click here

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